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Mark Bellini

Career and Confidence Coach 
Kearny, New Jersey, United States
Are you unable to reach your goals and dreams because of low confidence and overwhelm??
Career coach

FEES from $35 USD to $50 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

Are you living a small, limited life, never reaching any of your goals and dreams?

How much longer are you  willing to continue missing out on all that life has to offer: Career opportunities, higher income, more satisyfing relationships?

Today, you are not limited to seeking help only from therapists. 

Life coaches can be a great option if your are mentally and physically healthy, but need more help overcoming deeply ingrained thinking and behavioral habits.

Unlike a therapist or counselor, I will focus more on helping you to develop the internal motivation, clarity, and confidence you need in order to keep growing and live the life you want to live.


As a life coach, I focus mostly on working with people with procrastination, confidence, and low self-esteem issues, and how these challenges affect their careers and approach to life.

While you can seek help  for these issues from friends or relatives, you will reluctant to share personal issues with them. You can see your life coaching session as a place where you can open up and talk about anything that is bothering you or holding you back in life.

Even if you prefer not to share all aspects of your life with your coach, you can talk about the challenges that are most important to you, without the fear of hurting anyone's feelings.


I have taken courses in psychology, integrative mental health, hypnosis, clinical nutrition, and life coaching to better understand the needs of both the needs of my clients from a holistic point of view.


Please contact me if you  would like to set up a free, 30-minute session to discover if you would like to have me as your coach!

Coaching with me


As a life coach and small business marketing consultant / coach, I enjoy working both with people struggling with self-esteem and confidence challenges, as well as with  coaches, therapists, consultants, and freelancers who are having a hard time building their practices.


My coaching methods are primarily:

Ericksonian coaching is based on the work of Hypnotherapist Milton Erickson. This method of coaching encourages coaches to use creative and innovative approaches to help clients solve their problems and reach their goals.


Ericksonian life coaching techniques might include asking clients to watch educational videos, read articles, or to take short trips. The objective is always to find practical ways to help clients overcome their obstacles and reach their goals.


I also like to use conversational hypnosis techniques with Ericksonian coaches. This involves asking specific questions about clients’ thoughts and feelings in order to help them break out of repetitive mental habits that keep them stuck.


Solution Focused Coaching
This type of coaching is for clients who know what they want to ach­­ieve, but need someone to guide and support them.


Solution focused coaching doesn’t focus too much on clients’ mindset or past history. The client does most of the thinking and problem solving.


Transformational Coaching
This type of coaching is the most emotionally draining to clients, since it requires them to really understand which unconscious thinking patterns and beliefs are driving them to behave the way they do.

Transformational coaching is for those who simply can’t break out of their negative thinking and behavioral patterns.



My Coaching Style
I use both a consultative / democratic style, as well as a more authoritative style. This depends on the client’s needs.

Clients who are more confident and clear with their goals will get positive results from consultative coaching.


Clients who have confidence, self-esteem, and clarity issues are better off with an authoritative style, since they usually won’t be able to achieve larger goals without structured coaching sessions and homework assignment


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.


I offer coaching session via:


  • Zoom

  • Texting

  • Facebook chats

  • Skype

  • Phone

  • Email

I don't offer in-person sessions.

Except for email coaching, my sessions last one hour. Email coaching allows you to send me three emails per week whenever you feel like it.


Your coaching sessions include:

  • Talking about challenges

  • Doing small homework assignments

  • Listening to binaural beats brainwave audios

  • Subliminal messages

  • Access to helpful resources related to your specific challenges



My online coaching sessions work the same way as phone sessions.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Business Administration
  • Life and Solution Focused Coach training
  • Hypnosis Certificate
  • Introduction to Clinical Nutrition
  • Child Psychology Certificate
  • Conversational Hypnosis Certificate
  • How to Improve Self-Esteem in Young Women
  • CBT Techniques for Building Client Self-Esteem and Resilience

I ran my own ESL language training school for a few years before moving to the logistics industry as a trucking contractor

.I’ve spent the last two years building  my life coaching and small business marketing consulting business.

Fee description

Fees: from $35 USD to $50 USD

Your first 30 minute coaching session is free, since we will only be getting to know one another, and taking care of basics such as scheduling and number of sessions. If you choose to continue coaching with me, the following one-hour sessions will be priced at $50 for live sessions or $35 for asynchronous (non-scheduled email) sessions.


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