lifecoach $7500 USD Marsha L Harrison Marsha L Harrison My passion and goal is helping people to reach their goals and life the life they want and deserve.
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Marsha L Harrison

Life Coach 
Fayetteville , North Carolina, United States
My passion and goal is helping people to reach their goals and life the life they want and deserve.
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About me

I am a registered nurse and entrepreneur. As a member of a caring profession, education and coaching is a daily activity. Patients get coached to step out of their comfort zones to improve their health. Colleagues and new nurses get coaching to ensure they are advancing in their career. I love my career as a nurse!

In 2015, I became a travel nurse. It was then that I began to question my purpose. I enjoyed the experiences from meeting new people and learning new skills. But what I wanted out of my life was the financial freedom, the ability to be available to my family and to work from home.

I embarked on a journey of self discovery and self education. I read books and took various online courses. I studied business, writing, marketing and coaching. I started an e-commerce business and I must admit that the struggle was real. I had lots of knowledge but no direction and no structured plan.

My first business was not at all successful but it was an amazing learning experience. I did not give up. I struggled a bit more trying to do it all on my own. Even though I knew I needed a coach I needed to do my due diligence in finding the one that suited my needs.

Everything changed once I decided to invest in myself and my business. I hired a business coach. He helped me to gain clarity on my goals and encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone. He challenged me to press beyond my limiting beliefs. It was a challenge but I had to move forward with my transformation and create the life I desired.

The life I desire is one of freedom and balance. A life where I can be available to my family as well as coach others to create their own financial freedom.

My business coach helped me to transition from a travel nurse to an entrepreneur. It did not happen overnight. It took months of planning, researching and being coachable. I am proud of how far I have come and excited about my future and the future of those I serve. I look forward to serving you!

Coaching with me

I help my clients to discover how their thought have a direct impact on the life they live. I assist with building awareness around their thinking. I challenge them to take control of their thoughts and not allow their thoughts to take control of them. We work together to set goals and identify what they want out of their lives. Then we create a plan to get to the achievement of the things they identified.

I like to coach using weekly scheduled calls and daily online journaling interactions. The weekly calls allow me to get a sense of how things are going with my client in the area we are working through. The daily journals allow us to connect and communicate on a deeper level. It allows the client to think through on a daily bases how they are progressing to meeting their goals.


12 week Coaching - This program includes an hour call each week and a daily on-line journal and workbooks. This program is intense and I only take on a small number of clients at one time. This is to ensure that I can provide the best coaching experience to each client. For this particular program I only consider and enroll the clients what are committed to the process. If this is you and you are ready elevate further and faster we should have a conversation.

Online coaching is very effective for the clients who is will to commit to the process of journaling. This coaching includes one discovery call and daily online conversations about various goals (personal, professional and or business).
Short courses or group coaching
This program is 4 weeks long. It includes a weekly coaching call and workbooks.
Ongoing training
Clients prefer to stay on monthly after going through one of our programs.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Life Coaching Certification
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming Certification
  • NLP Practitioner Training
  • Life Coach Training
  • Content Marketing Training
  • Course Creation Training
For 10 years I worked as a nurse in a variety of roles. I love caring for people, but once I became a travel nurse I began to get burnt out. I had to be away from my family for days to make a better income. I was also commuting long hours back and forth and was sleep deprived. I began questioning myself about what my purpose is in life. I became tired of sacrificing my time for money and I wanted better out of life.

I did the research, read the books and took the courses and started a business. I knew that entrepreneurship is the path to financial freedom. It was frustrating most times at the beginning, but I did not give up. I could not give up. This needed to work so I can live the life I wanted. I had my share of failures as well as successes.

True transformation came when I decided to hire a coach. He helped to shed light on many areas I was doing right and where I needed to improve. I approached my business in a new light, I had a plan and I had direction. I got the clarity I needed to move forward.

Now I take all that I have learnt from my experience into each coaching session. I show up knowing that I am capable of affecting change and getting results for my client. My coach took the time to get me to where I needed to be so it is only fitting that I do the same for the clients I serve.

Fee description

Fees: from $200 USD to $7500 USD

Depending on the program that the client chooses, the fees will vary.


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