lifecoach $175 USD Maurice Paul O'Connell Maurice Paul O'Connell You are the centre of my attention and getting you to achieve your goals is my chief concern.
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Maurice Paul O'Connell

Life & Career Coaching 
Dublin , Baile Atha Cliath, Ireland
You are the centre of my attention and getting you to achieve your goals is my chief concern.
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FEES from $100 USD to $175 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

"A dream without a plan is merely a wish and it will never come true" [Ernie Larson]. Everyone has dreams but those of you that want to take them a step further and make them a reality, then I am a very good choice for you. I will coach you to find exactly what you want to achieve and support you along the way. From my own experience, it is a powerful and enriching experience to have someone in your corner. My goal is simple, to coach and support you as make your dreams into a plan and you begin to discover that you indeed on the path to success.

Coaching with me

What do you want to achieve? What is holding you back? What self limiting beliefs have you that are not serving you? What can you do to make this change happen? What habits are serving you? I can ask relevant questions to untangle confusion and help you create a path to your success. There is nothing you cannot achieve when you put your mind to it. Whether the goal is to walk the Camino or climb Mount Everest or Travel somewhere exciting or get the all important promotion, whatever drives you I can help you overcome all obstacles to get you to live the life of your dreams.
I am curious and interested in you. What makes you tick? I can be in your corner and am interested especially in working with Clients that are trying to discover and are open and willing to change.. I have a lot of empathy when it comes to facing these challenges within and taking the time for you to discover your potential. I will see you as naturally creative and whole, my role is to bring out the best in you so that can discover your true potential. I am very understanding and gentle to your needs. I can confront with your permission of course, so that you are moving forward with each session. I am available between sessions by email if requested. A large part of these sessions will be your willingness to explore and the commitment you place on this will effect your results. I like to work with Clients that are open to suggestion and change. Experience has taught me that these are the ones most likely to achieve their success with me. I see the process of coach as confidential and this is a critical key to its success.


One to one sessions, over the phone or indeed in person. Depending on our first sessions and your needs, I can offer various amount of sessions at times that is mutually suitable to each other. In addition I can make myself available to you between sessions by email where necessary.
Where it is not possible to meet, I can still coach through online coaching. I use Skype or facetime and can correspondence through email between session. Depending on your needs in our first session, I can provide you with coaching and support online.
Short courses or group coaching
Career Coaching Course is a 12 week program designed to take you from where you are in your career to identifying your skills and naming your brand and begin the process of preparing for your next interview.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • QQI Certicate in Ethics and Best Practice
  • Diploma in Life Coaching
  • Certificate in Career Coaching
  • Advanced Diploma in Life Coaching
  • Diploma in Executive and Life Coaching
  • 2016 Diploma in Life Coaching with LBCAI
  • 2016 Certicate in Career Coaching with Positive Success Group
  • 2015-2016 Higher Diploma in Executive & Life Coaching with Positve Success Group
  • 2014-2015 Online Advanced Diploma with International Career Institute
  • 2016 Certificate in Eithics & Best Practice with Positive Success Group

Fee description

Fees: from $100 USD to $175 USD

Life Coaching $400 for 4 sessions.. Career Coaching is $700 for four sessions, Sessions especially the first and thrie sessions will be 90 mins approximately. If you choose to go with 4 sessions as standard, these need to paid in advance. If it is decided that more coaching is sought then I can offer better rates and by installments.


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