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Melissa G.

Certified Hypnosis and NLP 
NYC, New York, United States
Support with relationships, life motivation, anxiety and self love. I guide warmly & professionally
Relationship coach NLP coach

FEES from $80 USD to $100 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

For Years, I've professionally supported women through stressful life circumstances. I have a deep love for guiding people on their individual paths, while helping them overcome obstacles like worry, stress, anxiety and negative thinking. This is accomplished with sensitivity, empathy and through the practice of NLP and Hypnosis. Let's reprogram your mind in a way that moves your life forward.

I believe in promoting self love and building confidence and positive self esteem. My services take into consideration the whole person, including your spiritual path and emotional journey to heal.

My Services are affordable and sessions can take place in Person if you live in the NYC area. I'm also available by phone and Skype. I can help you if you're anywhere between the age ranges of 20's and 60's, though everyone can benefit from an emotional/spiritual guide.

Coaching with me

A major goal in working with me at Simply Stepping is to take the simple steps together towards alleviating the struggles of your day to life and recurring issues. This is accomplished with much care, empathy, NLP and Hypnosis for healing. A client can expect to work with their subconscious mind to heal inner wounds.

Potential Outcomes after Sessions:

Leave Feeling a Weight Lifted
Higher Self Esteem/Improved Body Image
Feeling Capable and Confident
Finally Able to Relax and Breathe Easier
Have a More Positive Perspective
Feel Connected to Higher Inner Self
I coach with humor, empathy, and an understanding that we all walk deep paths they are sometimes complicated, but don't need to be.

My approach involves respecting your spirit, your personal journey and reprogramming negative mental patterns that affect your life.

Neuro linguistic Programming helps us work together to use language, visualization and your senses to clear your subconscious and replace negative patterns.

Hypnosis can be used to create a state that deepens healing.


One on One sessions that are One hour long
The first session is an hour and a half with the extra half hour complimentary!

In Person or via Phone.

Sessions can involve hypnosis, NLP, and emotional support
Skype will be available for private sessions at the same rate.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Neo Ericksonian Hypnosis Ceritification
  • NLP Certification
  • Neo Ericksonian Hypnosis Training
  • NLP Training
For about 4 years I worked to emotionally support women with newborns dealing with stress, poverty, abuse, and parenting.

I've overcome many relationship struggles as a female with a strong voice and sometimes not so strong voice.

I've grown to understand what loving myself means.

I've struggled with anxiety and low self esteem, but found ways and techniques to alleviate that pain.

I embrace flowing with the Universe to achieve your dreams along with taking action and finding the right motivation and positive affirmations to support life.

I believe NLP and hypnosis are strongly capable of keeping the mind flexible, uplifted, and creating positive life change from within.

Fee description

Fees: from $80 USD to $100 USD

Average cost is $85 but there is flexibility.


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