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Melissa Panero

BA Business, Apprentice w/JP Morgan 
Energetic, positive and highly successful coach! We will create magic together.

About me

Hi there!

I am an energetic, positive and happy person. I believe our external world is a pure reflection of what we have inside. So we can create our own reality. Together we will craft your vision, and implement it with a kick ass strategy that works for you and only YOU. You will receive unconditional support from me.

Coaching with me

"Melissa is intensely appreciative and honouring of who I am and what I'm trying to achieve. She has helped me further my goals in business dynamics, domestic issues, personal growth and more. She possesses a nurturing disposition, clarity of insight, and deep wisdom. In our sessions, we delve into the heart of the matter, where on my own, my mind is often only too content to skate on the surface of things. An excellent listener, she goes beneath what I'm saying to what is at the core, and helps reveal things I couldn't see, that bring me into greater balance. This kind of depth of understanding is rare, and in combination with her loving presence, her support shows up in powerful ways"

"Melissa is an excellent listener and motivator, by the end of our second session she had me back on track with my dream and by the end of the third session she had me tackle a roadblock, I’d previously chosen to avoid. I would highly recommend Melissa as a Life Coach, to help you identify your values in life & to achieve your true purpose in life."
I love coaching from the inside out. I always want to find the goal behind the goal, the dream behind the dream and the fear behind the fear.

It is a transformational process, which will make you grow as a person and get to know yourself better.

I sometimes give advice when the other person allows me too, otherwise I let the coachee come up with their own answer.

I listen carefully, do not judge and create a strong relationship with my clients.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

1-to-1 coaching sessions in London

Usually 1.5 hours
1-to-1 coaching sessions over Skype

Usually 1-1.5 hours

Fee description

Fees: from $1 USD to $100 USD

I provide bespoke packages for my clients.

Usually sessions range between 6 and 12, but it can be either less or more.

First session is always free.


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