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Michael James Francis

Certified Professional Life Coach 
Houston, Texas, United States
Life Coaching as a Self-Mastery practice. The path to real personal Power "Know Thy Self"

About me

As a self-mastery coach with over 20 years of experience my goal has been to empower individuals in one on one, group or businesses. My style is very personal to each person or business team in the areas of expertise listed.

I have implemented the self-mastery practice as a way to partner with and empower people, groups and businesses. To empower clients is to position them to take control over the only thing they have control over (Themselves). I often say (There is only one battle that exist in the world, that is the battle with one's self). The battle with yourself to master each circumstance that shows up. This is the only thing we are all trying to do as move through this universe. The foundation of self-mastery is Divine Love.

There have been many people and institutions that I have partnered with to achieve the success that they were seeking. I bring positive energy and Divine Love to each of my clients. Sankofa is reaching for the HEART. Therein lies the EMPOWERMENT that positions them for long term success.

Coaching with me

My clients are given the tools and the knowledge of what are the foundational virtues of life. That knowledge is presented in a way that helps them feel they can become the masters of their fate. Sankofa means "to go back, to go forward". This is what we refer to as reflections in life coaching. That actually becomes the vanguard of their transition to where they are trying go to live their best lives on their terms. Self-Mastery is true empowerment.

We have many creative and personalized exercise's that engage and inspire the clients on the journey. Thereby making it an enjoyable process.
My coaching style is very personal, whether we are working with an individual or group, or even a business. Compassion and heart felt exchanges throughout the process. Allowing each participant to feel equaling empowered during the journey is key.

Exercises are fun and tailored to each business, individual or group. We use what is already there to transition to any success goal they may have.


Life coaching

Short courses or group coaching
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Ongoing training

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Spirituality Certification
  • Certified Professional Life Coach (ICF)
  • Self-Mastery Certification
  • Leadership
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Train the Trainer
My experience is 20 years of coaching in the areas of leadership development, Self-Mastery, Spirituality, Life Coach. The development of my professional skills as a Life coach runs along a parallel line with the journey of my life and education. This practice of life coaching is my life's mission or dharma (purpose). The clients along the way have in turn empowered me with the results they have testified about.

The Spiritual part of my life set me on a course to understand the totality of my life and my life's journey. The inquisitiveness to go on the inside of things has been very profound. The answers to what is life and how do we function in the toils and troubles of life. The study began many years ago in academia, spirituality and each life experience have lead to the study of self-mastery. The coming of age of my self-mastery teaching has allowed for a deeper understanding and practice which has it's foundation in compassion or as I like to say Divine Love.

The people I have met have testified to the easy compassionate style of coaching which is very personal. The compassion is always realized early and that sets the stage for the client to be receptive to the change process designed for them.

The application of the self-mastery practice has also been successful in business leadership as well as group settings. I have seen the results of this new methodology inserted in to business practices for long term results of success. In business the management of change is becoming more and more apparent of it's effective place therein.

Self-Mastery is the universal principle of managing one's life challenges. It does not matter what they challenges are. Self-mastery is the key.

Fee description

Fees: from $250 USD to $3000 USD



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