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Certified Master Life Coach 
Marysville, California, United States

Certified Master Life Coach 35 years as a coach specializing in getting results you desire.

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About me

Michael W. McKinney a Certified Master Life Coach with over 35 years as a Coach and Trainer, Business Entrepreneur, Business & Sales Development Manager. Michael brings a 21st Century approach using his Quantum Leap to Success and VIPER Visualization Formula and that I’ve learned through the experiences of working with my clients, and the knowledge I have gained through my obsession with all things that relate to Personal Development, Mindfulness Meditation, Cognitive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence and Neuroscience. I will work with you to achieve your goals, whatever they may be. It's that simple. When you work with me, I'll quickly help you clarify your values, your strengths, and what's blocking you, so you can finally identify what you really want and need.

Most of us have some idea of what we want, but that uncertainty can mean ineffectively moving in many directions towards an unclear goal. I will work with you to design your unique action plan to success- an outcome only you can define.

Ultimately, I will empower you so that you can wield your own power without a coach, although long term engagements do happen. With success comes opportunity and endless possible paths to navigate.

If you're reading this now, you're ready for what's next.

Contact me for a free consultation. I'm excited to work with you.

I’m able to provide a safe, solid and empowering place for my clients to explore, define, and create a life you love.

Coaching with me


Clients working with me learn that performance alone can not change the results they desire, but instead, it is the mastery of the process which creates the journey towards their success. As a result, clients begin to connect their “why” to their mission in life, identify their weaknesses that can impact their professional and personal life and begin to embrace the success along with the challenges because growth occurs in it all.
Quantum Leap to Success Program-
We all have different values and beliefs about what we want to achieve. What makes a person happy, healthy and successful? Together, we will prioritize the elements of your life which serve your definitions of fulfillment. During initial meetings, we'll gain insight into your goals, focus on what is your interference, and communication style, from which we will create strategies for achieving your goals. Using proven coaching tools and mindfulness techniques, I can help you with the under-performing and underwhelming aspects of your life.

Elite Athlete Mind Program-
The Elite Athlete Mind is another opportunity for you to set yourself apart from your competitors by using EXPERT Pro-Coach Academy Coaching to give you the exact feedback and tools you need to train new habits for success.
If you are serious about taking your training to the next level and achieve all the goals you set for yourself as an elite athlete in your sport, then you need to train your mind as well your body to excel in your sport. Understanding mental toughness and learning techniques that breakthrough your mental barriers can make your physical training simpler.
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I provide accountability and my personality is strong. So, I will ask the tough questions when needed. I am only willing to coach those clients who are READY to make some changes in their life.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings. You can also book a free coaching call with me.


When an individual needs to accomplish major change, a coach helps you get clear, so you can manage the process confidently and successfully. Through individualized sessions, we'll work together to identify what's keeping you from reaching your full potential in work, your relationships and other aspects of your life. We'll get clear on your values, strengths and goals, and create customized action plans that are tailored to your wants and needs. Assessments may be used to uncover your strengths and opportunities for growth, which will aid in self-discovery while helping you make real shifts in necessary behavioral change.

Sessions are conducted by phone, and last 45 to 60 minutes. Each session has a purpose and could easily stand alone with its own takeaways. However, there is no "quick fix" for real, lasting change and multiple sessions are recommended. Coaching packages are available and are recommended for most change endeavors, as each session builds upon the last as part of the overall change endeavor. The coaching sessions are conducted over Free Conference Call, Google Hangouts, Face Time, Zoom, Skype, Telephone or in person.   more ...


The online coaching option is great for individuals who would like continue working on the goals decided within the private coaching parameters. This allows the client acountability to maintain the changes.

Short courses or group coaching

Delivering online courses for the individual that wants to work st their own pace and get the results you desire in a private or group environment.

Ongoing training

Get the results you desire with my ongoing coaching sessions is ideal for individual who have committed to long-term coaching and training in order to build consistent path to success.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Happiness - Certified through Transformation Services
  • Goals Success - Certified through Transformation Services
  • Group/Workshop - Certified through Transformation Services
  • Life Purpose - Certified through Transformation Services
  • Master Coach - Certified through Transformation Services
  • EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques
  • NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Life Purpose Coaching
  • Sales Development Coaching
  • Performance Coaching

Michael W. McKinney a Certified Master Coach through Transformation Services with over 35 years as a Mental Toughness Trainer, Business Entrepreneur, Business & Sales Development Manage. Began early in life as a business owner in the Automotive industry for 11 years. Auto Sales Manager for four years - Business owner Marketing and Advertisement 12 years - Sales Development Manager 10 years - Life Coach 3 years

Fee description

Fees: from $20 USD to $2500 USD

Depends on type, duration and package chosen


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