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Michele Stills

ICF ACC Credentialed Coach 
Asheville, North Carolina, United States
I'm an evidence-based coach helping clients with their communication, leadership skills, anxiety and
Communication coach Performance coach

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About me

You Know the feeling...

Something happened when you were talking, texting, or chatting online, and now you feel a disconnect. Maybe you wonder what happened, maybe something about the relationship has changed, and you wonder what you can say or do to clear things up.

What's up with that?

Human beings crave connection, and when we interact in conversation, or communicate in any way, we can deepen our connections and strengthen our relationships. Unfortunately, a conversation gone awry can leave us feeling misunderstood, confused, invalidated, angry, or hurt.  

It's so much more than just talk! 

We sometimes think of our everyday conversations as “just talking,” but a conversation is a place of vulnerability. When a conversation with someone has turned out badly for us before, it can become difficult to have that, or any discussion with them again.     

Now what??

What you need is a conversation reset; a way to interrupt and reconfigure your communication patterns. We will do that by identifying the patterns that don't work for you and giving you the communication skills to replace those patterns with new ones that bring you closer to your loved ones, and increase your leadership skills and professional effectiveness.  

Our conversational abilities and communication skills affect our ability to:
Bond with others
Handle confrontation
Ask for what we need in relationships
Initiate conversations
Ask for promotions and raises
Deliver effective and dynamic presentations
Have effective leadership skills

Let's talk.

Coaching with me


I work internationally with people to increase their emotional intelligence and to master core performance skills like communication, emotion regulation, stress management, and change aversion. My clients excel in leadership roles, public speaking, conflict resolution, and interpersonal relationship skills.


Cognitive Behavioral Neuro-Coaching

I'll partner with you to find and change the patterns in your communication style that are bringing you pain or frustration. 

I’m going to show you how neuronal and biological responses in your interactions keep you stuck living out an old story, conversation after conversation. But, I'll also show you how to change that by rewiring your brain to short-circuit them. Understanding these processes in yourself and others and knowing how to master them will dramatically change your day-to-day interactions with absolutely everyone. 

I also like to use the power of story in my coaching. When we think of our lives as a story, we are able to see things we couldn't see before and learn about ourselves in new and powerful ways. We are also able to take steps to rewrite our life story so that it has a better outcome.

Another tool I use is the ROADMAP system developed by David Krueger, MD. It is comprised of the following steps and corresponding modules:

Recognize Authorship (of your life story)

Own Your Story

Assess the Storylines and Plot

Decide What to Change

Map Changes

Author New Experiences

Program New Identity


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.


All packages can be paid for in full, or in installments.

Coaching Packages:

Four sessions - 60 -mins each: $520

Six sessions - 60 mins each: $790

Eight sessions - 60 mins each: $1060

Single Sessions (à la carte): $145

*Sliding scale prices starting at $50 an hour are available for anyone who needs that option.


I offer professional coaching services delivered by chat, text, email, Zoom, Meetings by Google, Skype, etc. 

Short courses or group coaching

Conversation, executive, transition, performance, emotional management, anxiety, stress, leadership, change and transition. 

Ongoing training

I'm a cognitive psychology student in the Accelerate Into Masters program at Walden University. 

I also attend monthly ICF-approved Professional Development classes and maintain a New Life Story License. 

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • CTACC - Coaching Emotional IntelligenceMentor Path -New Life Story
  • Conversational Intelligence for Coaches - C-IQ Essentials Practitioner.
  • BS Psychology
  • CTACC -Coach Training Alliance Certified Coach, Coaching Emotional Intelligence
  • Live A New Life Story (R) Licensed Mentor Coach
  • Cognitive Behavioral Neuro Coaching
  • Coaching Emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence

In 2010 I was trained and certified as a Life Coach by the Coach Training Alliance and began specializing in communication coaching. 

In 2012 I studied Coaching Emotional Intelligence through the Coach Training Alliance.

In 2015  I took a course in Cognitive Behavioral Coaching through UDemy, adding to my communication skills toolbox.

In 2017 I became a New Life Story® Coach New Life Story® Coach with David Krueger, M.D., founder of MentorPath®. Dave blew my mind by introducing me to Neuro-coaching. His approach blends the insights of psychology, dynamic neuroscience, and the principles of strategic coaching to Mentor Coach clients’ change of belief, behavior, and performance. His mentorship changed my life!

In 2018 I studied Conversational Intelligence® for Coaches with Judith E. Glaser, author of Conversational Intelligence: How Great Leaders Build Trust and Get Extraordinary Results. This amazing program introduced me to the Neuroscience of Conversations®.


In 2020 I went back to school to study Psychology at Walden University, where I am currently in the Accelerate into Masters program, working toward an MS in Cognitive Psychology. 


I will partner with you and use my skills to strategically pinpoint where your conversations go wrong. I will help you rewrite your story and achieve your communication goals, one conversation at a time.

Fee description

Fees: from $75 USD to $3500 USD

Coaching Packages

All packages can be paid for in full or in installments.

Coaching Packages:

All packages can be paid for in full or in installments.

Coaching Packages:

Four sessions - 60 -mins each: $520

Six sessions - 60 mins each: $790

Eight sessions - 60 mins each: $1060

Single Sessions (à la carte): $145

Contact Me About Speaking Fees.

*Note - Due to COVID, I am only accepting virtual speaking and teaching engagements. 


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