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Monie Forrs

Certified Happiness Coach 
Prague, Czech Republic

You Are the Power: A Wholesome Approach to Happiness

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About me

My name is Monika and I am a certified Life Coach, Happiness Coach, Mindfulness Coach and Confidence Coach. I have a Bachelors degree in History and Theory of Film and I’m currently working on obtaining a Vegan Nutrition Health Coach Certification, as well as on my Diploma in Meditation. 

In spring 2020, I published my first e-book called „Transform Your Life In the Midst of Chaos: The Corona Survival Guide“ which is available to download for free on my website.

I’m passionate about showing people that there’s a better way to live and that the power is always in your hands. One small decision to „change“ might be all that stands in the way of yourself and happiness.

Through a decision to love yourself unconditionally, I will show you how everything in our bodies is interconnected. I like to apply what I call „A WHOLESOME APPROACH TO HAPPINESS“ in my coaching.

This approach consists of 4 main categories:

1.     SELF-LOVE (this is the leading desire for change, a place from where the decision for change must come from).

2.     BODY – we’ll talk about the importance of nutrition and moving your body and how that influences the overall chemistry of your body and ultimately your mind (hence why trying to change your thinking alone may have felt flat in the past) and how just small changes can make a huge difference.

3.     MIND – we’ll practice meditation and mindfulness which are the number one stress-relievers, and will call upon your creative side and have some fun!

4.     THE REAL YOU – once you feel better physically as well as mentally, we can have a look at what it is that makes you YOU and therefore where your true happiness lies.

Understanding these categories, will help you get to your destination faster and I will be here to cheer you up every step of the way – or at any point you find yourself at, at the moment. You might just need some extra motivation to keep going or to get through a difficult situation, or you might simply need some help with stress-management. Either way, I am here to help you, and together we’ll find what works best for you!

Ultimately, I can provide you with a road-map, but it’s you who needs to take the journey. With me by your side, however, I promise it’s going to be a fun one!


Coaching with me



To feel better and to live better.

To find your authentic self and what makes you truly happy.

To lead a purpose-driven life and feel fulfilled.

To live stress-free!

To find your confidence to go for your dreams, say „no“ when needed, and make confident choices that are best for YOU.

To enhance your health and time-management skills with the emphasis on your female biology.  

To awaken the child inside you!

To take charge of your life and stop feeling lost.



Decide that you want to be happy!

Decide that you want more from life and that you are worthy of more.

Realise that you’re ready to love yourself unconditionally.  

Have a willingness to play!


Michaela, 35

Monika has guided me through some of the toughest moments in my life. Recently my whole world has been falling apart and I was in a desperate need of someone who would be able to show me a way out. I felt lost and without direction. Monika taught me how to find positivity in everything that happens to us in life, how to use it as a fuel to guide me towards rediscovering what I truly wanted and what my values were.  She taught me about self-love and listening to my heart and for that I will always be grateful. I couldn't have made a better choice when looking for a life coach as I finally feel in charge of my life once again.  


Ros, 39:

When I first started looking for a life coach, I wasn’t entirely convinced about how helpful this might actually be. But I decided to give it a try. Boy, what a lifeline this turned out to be!

Looking back now, I can sincerely say that I couldn’t have wished for a better life coach than Monika. I have faced some rather diverse difficulties in my life - from personal problems, to difficulties at work - but Monika was able to advise and guide me through all of those difficult decisions I had to make. She was always able to ask the right questions and knew how to show you the choices and potential outcomes that would follow.

And it’s not just the fact that Monika knows how to show you the way - she has helped me feel more in control and more confident about the journey that I was about to embark on (be it short or long). Taking these choices suddenly felt good and I knew that these were the right steps to make at the time. This in turn helped me move forward, make difficult decisions with confidence, and ultimately put me in control of my own life.

I would highly recommend Monika to anyone who’s considering the support and guidance of a life coach.

Jana, 33

Monika is like your own personal cheer-leader! She helps you take that step even if you're scared as hell. She makes you smile and see all the good in your life when you feel like crying (or screaming). And she also helps you re-program your mind to expect the good! Life with her by your side is just that much easier and I am forever grateful.


Given my unique set of education, including a University diploma in Film, coaching with me is always good fun, as I like to turn to films for empowering quotes or examples, and might ask you to watch your favourite films – without any feelings of guilt! This is because films can be great friends, excellent self-discovery tools, and stress-relievers as well. We’re also going to awaken the child within you and call on your creative side (yes, you have one!) – so there's lots of fun in store for you!

I am all about enjoying life, and if there is any way to make any kind of self-discovery fun, I will try and find it! Living life should be easy, and so should be our coaching sessions!

I have three furry coaching assistants (aka cats) living with me at home, so ocassional interventions during our session to cheer you up a bit more are possible, though not guaranteed.



Introductory 30-minute free call to better understand how I might be able to help you and see if we are a match energetically!

Regular sessions are 50 minutes long and are held once a week.

Different frequency (maximum 3 times a week) can be scheduled upon request.

I offer several different packages with reduced prices if booked and paid in advance.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Mindfulness Coach Certificate from Transformation Academy
  • Happiness Coach Certificate from Transformation Academy
  • Life Coaching Certificate from Transformation Academy
  • Bachelor's in Film History and Theory from Masaryk University
  • Confidence Coach Certificate from Transformation Academy

What makes people happy? And how can you find lasting happiness for yourself? Is there a better way to life? I’m sure there must be more to it than the every day struggle..

Those were the questions I was asking at the beginning of my journey.

I was fresh out of Uni, lost in the adult world, not being able to find a job in my field and surrounded by enormous negativity, that’s been surrounding me ever since my late teens.

I wanted more from life than just a job that pays the bills. I wanted my dream job and I wanted to be appreciated.

Flash forward to 7 years later – I’ve had what I considered a dream job for a while, but after I lost it due to completely unforseen circumstances, and along with it everything I’ve built on the personal level up until that point as well, I was left feeling empty and defeated and totally heart-broken.

It was time for change. Time to get back to my roots. And time to find happiness that would not be dependent on anyone else.

And that’s how my journey TRULY began.

After extremely stressful year, I was sitting on a train on a Saturday afternoon, completely exhausted, unable to stop my mind from racing and feeling like I’m gonna go mad. And then it hit me – at 27 I was way too young to end up in a mad house!! And yet, that’s how I felt. If I don’t do something immediately, that’s how I’m going to end.

I turned to yoga and mindfulness looking for answers I was so desperate to discover.

It turned out to be the right way to go.

I discovered the world of Eastern philosophy and Buddhism in particular, which I’ve been drawn to ever since I was in high-school. I was fascinated by the idea of the union of body & mind. One cannot be healthy without the other.

I studied positive psychology as well as neuro-science and realized we can change our thoughts. That things are not the way the world made us believe. It’s all our choice. It’s all down to us what attitude we choose.

I finally started to understand what does it mean, that you can CHOOSE to be happy.

I was like a sponge absorbing all the information!!

I obtained my life coaching certificates, but my main focus has always been on HAPPINESS. Hence, my Happiness Coach specialization.

I also studied the many ways in which storytelling influences our lives bringing in my passion for films and the many inspiring stories they tell – making them one of my favorite self-growth & happiness tools.

And finally, after 5 years of struggling with hormonal imbalance, seeing doctors who were unabale to provide any answers and suggested I just put up with my issues, I stumbled upon a book that provided more information within it’s first few pages than any of the doctors ever had. I started implementing some of the suggestions and saw results immediately.

And that was the moment it clicked. That was the moment when it ALL came together.

I realized it’s us, who hold the power to everything in our lives.

WE ARE IN CONTROL. Contrary to what the society makes us believe.

We are the sole creators of our lives and our happiness. And that includes our health.

No more waiting for the answers that are not coming, no more playing the victim. If you take your life into your own hands, my dear, miracles will start to happen!

Once you decide to take full responsibility for your life, and therefore your happiness, you will set yourself on the most magical journey. The journey of YOUR LIFE.

Because YOU ARE THE POWER. And nothing can ever take that power away from you. Unless you let it.

It took me good ten years of intense study to get to this point of realization, but I do not want you to wait that long!

I want you to become in control NOW. I want you to become HAPPY as soon as possible.

It’s not an easy process, I’m not going to lie. It’s hard. Its confusing and sometimes it feels impossible. Because life will test you.

But with a little bit of hard work and the right attitude you can figure out just about anything.

And I’m here to help you. I’m here to show you the way. To support you, offer you tools and cheer you on along the way.

All you need to do is to DECIDE. Decide to love yourself enough to want the best for you, and ultimately for everyone in your life.

SELF-LOVE is the key to everything.

Self-love is THE POWER.

SELF-LOVE is what puts things into motion.

If you’re struggling with self-love, don’t you worry though! I will show you the way as well. For now, all I need you to do is to be willing to see there is another way. A HAPPY WAY.

HAPPINESS truly is a choice. But it’s also a skill you need to develop as any other.

I can’t do the work for you, but I can show you the way.

And I CANNOT WAIT to do so!

Because I want you to be ridiculously HAPPY. Happiness is the number one thing we all strive for and it’s there for all of us to take. We just need to learn to stop looking for it in the outside world and look internaly. More than that – constantly work on it.

You do not need any material things to be happy, nor do you need to reach certain status, or fulfill any of society’s norms, sacrificing your health and happiness along the way.

It’s all about you. Getting to know yourself, loving yourself enough and living life on YOUR OWN TERMS. And then leading the way. The way only you can.

The more happy people there are, the HAPPIER & MORE LOVING WORLD we will be living in.

Yes – the change you seek to see in the world, starts with you and your own HAPPINESS. One person at a time.



Fee description

Fees: from $65 USD to $80 USD

1 session / $80


5 Sessions Package ($70 each) = $325

Save $50 compared to pay per session rate!


3 Months Package: 15 sessions ($65 each) = $975

Save $225 compared to pay per session rate!


Packages for individual needs available upon request.


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