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Monika Sałach

IT & Tech Life and Work Coach 
W., Poland
Life and Work Coaching for IT & Tech professionals by a coach who used to be an IT professional
Career coach Transition coach

FEES from $85 USD to $800 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

Hi, I’m Monika!

When I started my career, my path was split between two compelling worlds: IT and Psychology. With degrees in both, I selected Information Technology, driven by curiosity and excitement.

I truly loved it – it was challenging, satisfying, and amazing despite the frequently long hours spent at work. But I also experienced how too little or too much workload, lack of recognition and perspectives caused me to become stressed, demotivated, doubting my value, robbing me of previous joy and passion, and impacting my personal life. I didn’t know at that time that I was burned out, I just felt increasing fear thinking about each new day, started questioning my skills, and lost motivation not only for work, but also for everything else I could have done in my private time.

I knew I had to do something. I spent many months researching, learning and developing strategies to transform my life. It took a lot of time, money and effort but the journey was worth it. My life now is so different from before. I am motivated daily to work towards my goals, feel excited about working and have endless enthusiasm for life. I am no longer dependent on validation from anyone but myself. This realization was life changing.

So, I'm here, devoted as a coach to aiding you on your journey of rejuvenating passion for work and growth. I understand the intricacies of your struggles in the IT world because I've lived them too. I still consider myself an “IT person”, I loved working with other IT specialists, with their professionalism, sense of humor and attitude, so I want to continue being among such people, and help them, the way I helped myself.

Coaching with me


I help IT or Tech Professionals who dread going to work each day, hate their work environment, are overworked and tired of unproductive meetings, and have lost self esteem and confidence in their contribution.

By working with me you will restore your lost enthusiasm and motivation, feel satisfied and appreciated, and see opportunities for professional growth so that you can work in a job you love and have more time for yourself and your family.


  • I create relaxed and laid-back atmosphere,

  • I offer a safe space for you to talk and think, without exposing yourself to judgment or unsolicited advice, 

  • I ensure safe and trusting space,

  • I support you both emotionally and intellectually,

  • I am oriented on solving problems and tangible results.



I offer online coaching via Zoom or Google Meet. We can extend our contacts to chat or emails if there is such a need.

We will start with one free 30-minute Intro session.  After the discovery session you will decide if you want to continue with coaching with me. For regular sessions I recommend conducting 1 hour session every 1 or 2 weeks, but we can agree on any arrangement that best suits your needs.

I offer singles sessions, packages of 4 or 12 sessions, and group sessions.

I coach in English and Polish.



1 hour sessions on a selected platform (Zoom, Google Meet)

Short courses or group coaching

I offer sessions for groups of clients esp. affected by burnout or wanting to prevent burnout, ideally from the same organization.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • MSc in Psychology
  • MSc in IT
  • ICF ACC Credential
  • Advanced Coaching in International Coach Academy

My primary career was in IT, starting from a software developer, through a team leader up to a project manager. But psychology was always somewhere around - I got my second MSc in it and I have never forgotten that I had once an idea to have it as my profession. When a huge burnout hit me after years of working in IT (and loving it), I discovered that transition to coaching is the best I can do to leave the career that was no longer appealing to me, revive childhood dreams of being a psychologist, and help people going through similar dilemmas and life transitions as I had.

Fee description

Fees: from $85 USD to $800 USD

The following fees will apply to the individual Regular Sessions:

Single session: 120 USD

Package of 4 sessions: 430 USD

Package of 12 sessions: 1160 USD


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