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Nadia Bandura

Founder and CEO of Artcoaching™ 
Boston, Massachusetts, United States

The Artcoaching methods will help you to create the destiny of your own life as an art. 

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About me

Nadia Bandura is the Founder and CEO of Artcoaching™, Concert Pianist,Writer.
Artcoaching is a powerful technique that gives you the ability to do the unimaginable - create the destiny of your own life as an art. No miracles just happen. You can expect something more. You have to make sure that the unknown reality is much more surprising than any art.

Coaching with me


Artcoaching is not a new method of self-improvement, but a fundamentally different way of thinking and acting to achieve the desired goals. Do not pursue, but receive.
Do not change yourself, but come back to yourself. We all make a lot of mistakes in our lives, and then we dream about how it would be great to bring back the past and fix those mistakes. Errors can be corrected, and it would be like returning to the past.
The methods that I will present to you are not available anywhere. So get ready for an unexpected, amazing and enjoyable experience.


Is Artcoaching right for you?
It is a guide for everyone that combines advice from Artcoaching theory with its practical training tips and tools to create the life of your dreams.
As your coach, I draw on a deep toolkit and proven methodologies to help you move forward and create more of what matters in your life and your work.


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I believe I can be the best partner for you as you proceed on this journey, because I’m passionate about offering individualized personal coaching. It gets results! And it puts you in the driver’s seat about what those results will be.
Coaching clears the stuck places, helps you create your own life, and kick starts big changes and little revolutions in your life. It’s all about helping you think and act more resourcefully. Create momentum. Design your life and your work. Your way.
That’s why coaching delivers so much value, and it’s value that stays with you forever.


Artcoaching is an interactive, online life coaching course led by an expert coach.

Short courses or group coaching

We’re giving Artcoaching clients a unique opportunity to meet the author and Founder of Artcoaching, Nadia Bandura, who offers plenty of inspiration on how to create your dream life.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • M.A. in Psychology
  • Master of Arts

Nadia Bandura made her debut at the age of ten performing Beethoven’s Third Piano Concerto. Her concert activity as an international artist has taken her throughout music halls and locations in Europe. Nadia's style is filled with grace and perfection. Her album “Heavenly and Earthly Piano” grew out of the sounds of animals, weather, and eternal piano music. The nature sounds were mixed with piano music, making this album honoring and uniting with Nature. In 2010 Bandura founded Artcoaching Company, which included coaching both the artistic and the commercial worlds, the culture of tourism and European regulations, management of complex multi-cultural projects and their staffs at international levels. She supervised a staff of 20 life coaches, recruited others to participate in bio-tourism meetings and events, posted material on the sustainable lifestyle and advocated public awareness of issues.
“Artcoaching” by Nadia Bandura is dedicated to the coaching of life through art. The Artcoaching methods will help you to create the destiny of your own life as an art.
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Fees: from $50 USD to $1000 USD

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