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Natasha Clara Durel

Certified Life and Spiritual Coach 
Santa Monica, California, United States
I am honest and transparent. My goal is to watch you grow and transform.
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About me

It only feels right to explain who I am as a person. So let me give this a shot.

My name is Natasha, I am a Southern California Native who is passionate about travel, learning about others and making a difference. I find it important to connect with others and help them connect back with themselves. I love writing and storytelling and have always felt a genuine interest in meeting new people. Meditation is another practice I enjoy practicing and teaching. I got into coaching because I have felt that I am meant to do this type of work. I am an empath that wants to motivate individuals to get unstuck, and to be honest with them when they are.

I was living in San Francisco for the past year, and like a magnet, was pulled right back down to the area. I'm glad to be back.

Some of my goals coming up:

-Travel to Tanzania and climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.
- Do 20+ Journalism Pieces in the next 6 months.
- Increase my Reading to 3 books a week.
- Do something that makes me uncomfortable every single day.
- Make deeper connections and continue adjusting to improve.

Coaching with me

I personally love watching my clients glow of happiness when they have achieved a goal. That is single-handedly the most rewarding part of it all. It is just so exciting to watch them slowly grow, and reach new perspectives and outcomes sometimes by making the smallest of changes. They add up, and most don't see the results or change right away. I also love being there to push them, and motivate them to persist through.
I provide a support structure that keeps my clients always moving forward. I bring their focus back to the now and how they can make the future that they want. I keep a professional attitude, but I also break down barriers by being entirely honest and transparent. I always try to keep communication open, and ask my clients to clarify anything that comes up. I create a relationship that allows my clients to feel safe to open up and be vulnerable. I hold them accountable to keep their promises. I help suggest another approach, until we find the perfect one.I individualize every client's plan and sessions based on their personal goals, intentions and where they plan to go from there. I have all day contact with regular clients via text message or phone to ensure the progress and provide support throughout the process.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

- In person approach and flexible location
- Printed documents, activities, and folder.
- Texting and Calling always available
- Coach frequently checks in.

* Suggested 3-4 times a month*
- Convenience of having sessions at your own time and place.
- Can be used by any client. Perfect for sessions that involve bad weather, sickness, or a last minute emergency session.
- Documents sent over email, through and after the session.

*Suggested 4-5 times a month*
Short courses or group coaching
- Inquire with any specific requests

* Frequency Varies*
Ongoing training
- For clients who have been working for 6+ months and want to continue on a as needed basis.
- Coach Checks In when client needs.
- Texting and Calling always available

* Frequency Varies *

Fee description

Fees: from $45 USD to $200 USD

- Hourly or by Session
- Frequency of Meetings
- Length of Meetings


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