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Nichole Whitburn

Certified Relationship & Life Coach 
Johnson City, Tennessee, United States
Hello! My name is Nichole and my mission is to help women recognize the warning signs of abuse.

About me

Hello! My name is Nichole and I am so glad that you are here! I am a Certified Life and Relationship Coach and Love Healthier is for women who feel they may be in a dangerous relationship and/or they are in an unhappy union and want to learn how to break the cycles of drama and pain, and discover their self worth. Do you desire to find happiness in life and discover and create a thriving, and loving relationship, with the partner you have or with someone new? Contact me today for a free 20 minute phone consultation and/or to schedule your initial personal one on one 90 min. coaching session with me. This first session is free of charge. 423-741-6478

Coaching with me

My goal is to educate women about the different types of abuse in Relationships, What They are, the damage they cause and to help women heal who have been subjected to abuse. I empower women to gain awareness of toxic relationships, in the bedroom and in the office. How to separate themselves from these people in a healthy way. I teach them to search deep within themselves to discover who they truly are and what they truly want in life and in a partner.
The Goals and Results from my coaching program are:
1.You will learn the difference between a healthy and safe person and an unhealthy one.
2. You will Learn how to recognize the early warning signs of abuse and how you can respond to them.
3. You will learn how to make healthier choices in every area of your life. Especially in Choosing a healthy partner.
4. You will become more confident and have more self esteem learning to make healthier choices.
5. You will learn how important boundaries are and how to implement them in your life.
6. You will learn to become happier, healthier, and emotionally stronger.
I am a very good listener and my job as a coach is to listen to your needs so that I can help you to achieve the success and goals that you desire. My coaching program is a 6 mos. program and is geared toward healing and helping you to achieve success in life and your relationships. I teach one on one, face to face or via Skype. I have weekly homework, worksheets, and sometimes reading material that supplements your learning. And I offer email support in between meetings.


My private coaching is done one on one in my home office.
I offer one one coaching via Skype.
Short courses or group coaching
I offer workshops, classes and support groups.
Ongoing training
My coaching programs are for 6 months, however I do offer continued training.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Life Coaching Training Certification
  • Life Purpose Training Certification
  • Relationship Workshop Facilitator
  • Abusive Relationships Training
I am a wife and mother of 3 boys. I have had my share of tumultuous and painful relationships. I went through a terrible divorce about 4 years ago and I sought coaches, counselors, therapists, friends, family, clergy. Anyone that would listen and help me understand what was happening to me. A friend advised me to visit an abuse alternatives class and I went. When the lady teaching the class opened the book and started to read, I was devastated. She began talking about emotional and verbal abuse. And she was describing everything I had been going through, encountered, and was dealing with. But I didn't know it till right then and there. Knowledge is power, so when I knew what was happening to me, I began to learn more and more so that I could heal, and I did. Along this path I discovered that I was not alone and that there are other women that do not know the less obvious signs of abuse that still do debilitating damage. I have chosen to teach women about these types of abuse, why they are so damaging, the roots of them, and how we can choose a healthy partner when we know what to look for.

Fee description

Fees: from $45 USD to $65 USD

I offer 6 month Coaching Programs that can be paid by month, in 3 easy payments, or all at once with a significant discount.


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