lifecoach $200 USD Nishant Dutt Nishant Dutt I can create , change your life events anytime, anywhere but have very strict parameters.Be honest
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Nishant Dutt

Life Coach, Destiny Designer 
JAIPUR, Rajasthan, India

I can create , change your life events anytime, anywhere but have very strict parameters.Be honest

About me

Hi I am Nishant Dutt from India. I have done extensive research on Universe and its mechanism.

With my scientific researches I am able to change, create events in any part of world.
I can help you recreating your destiny, but I believe everything has a purpose behind it.

If you are in pain then there is something you need to understand. Even then if you feel life is not fair with you then write to me or contact me.


Have a happy life.

Coaching with me


Everything ... anything which you are capable of. Come with total confidence


When you come to me, come with absolute surrender, and I will show you the GREATEST version of yourself in my eyes.

To make things happen... to change your destiny, I need your total surrender



Life Coaching
Love advice
Relationship Advice
Money Advice


Life Coaching
Love advice
Relationship Advice
Money Advice

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Author of - Other Dimension secret codes of the Universe
  • Masters in Business Administration

Nishant Dutt (Vaishnav) spent fourteen years in doing jobs with various corporate houses. His search for the eternal peace and happiness has always attracted him towards universe and spirituality. This is the reason he chose writing as a career and a way through which he could express his thoughts and emotions. People generally choose material world, but he chose 'The grind'. This decision made him realized that there is another dimension of truth exists which he never thought of. His life journey, so far is not less than a movie script which has every ingredient like, romance, love, betrayal, sorrows, laughter, fights and 'Magic'.
I short ... LIFE IS MAGIC

Fee description

Fees: from $50 USD to $200 USD

The fee would depend upon the level of darkness I have to remove from your life.

Based on an average person's life , my consultation would start from $ 50 / hour which can go upto $200/ hr depending upon the energies and efforts i need to put in to get you out of darkness.

When you contact me, I will send you a questionnaire which will tell me the composition of darkness in your life


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