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Norman Balassiano

Life and Debt coach 
New York, New York, United States
Certified Life Coach, Debt arbitrator, Energy Healer, Yoga Teacher, Bio-Well and Naturopathic Doctor
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FEES from $45 USD to $1200 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

My name is Norman Balassiano and I'm a certified Certified Life Coach, Debt arbitrator, Energy and Bio-well Healer, Yoga Teacher, Naturopathic Doctor, as well as nutrition expert.

My coaching style really focuses on helping my clients achieve their goals by creating real-life plans. This way, we can awaken natural healing by addressing mindsets, habits, and thinking patterns that can often get in our way without us even realizing it.

And by rewiring mind, controlling stress and really pouring focus into a few specific areas, we can create change in BIG ways and in MULTIPLE areas of our lives:

I've helped my clients create change in --
- their own personal thinking,
- their health and nutrition habits,
- their self-empowerment and self-esteem,
- their career and life's purpose,
- their relationships and social interactions, and
- their financial & legal problems.

I have also served as a health coach to many of my clients over the past few years. And with regards to energy healing, I perform Reiki, Bio-Well healing, distance healing, yoga classes and more.

Coaching with me

When you coach with me, you come away with *concrete techniques* you can apply for immediate and long-lasting results. My practice is solution-focused, empathic and honest.

Partner with me and achieve:
- Improved health and nutrition habits
- A healthy meals and supplements plan
- A tailored exercise program
- Measurable weight loss
- Pain management
- Increased strength and mental clarity
- Mind training for success
- An end to anxiety, stress and depression
- Freedom from the cycle of addiction and bad habits
- Heightened creativity
- Improved relationships
- An end to personal and business debt

I help my clients achieve their goals by creating real-life plans so that we can awaken natural healing. We address mindsets, habits, and thinking patterns that get in our way without us even realizing it.

By rewiring the mind, controlling stress and pouring focus into a few specific areas, we can create big change in multiple areas of our lives. I've helped my clients create change
- in their own personal thinking,
- in their health and nutrition habits,
- in their self-empowerment and self-esteem,
- in their career and life's purpose,
- in their relationships and social interactions
- in their financial & legal problems.

I have served as a health coach to many of my clients, addressing physical and wellness goals. As an energy healer, I perform
- Reiki,
- Bio-Well healing,
- Essential oils,
- Advanced breathing techniques,
- Meditation,
- Distance healing,
- Yoga,
- Plant based nutrition.

I am also a licensed arbitrator and mediator. In addition, if you are at a crossroads over a major decision, I am skilled in performing research in various fields, be it legal, medical or other. You will have a sound basis upon which to base your decision.
Just as a baseball coach knows their players, I know you. I am the coach, I have played this game. I know your weak points and strong points. I know how you played last time. I know where you need encouragement and where you need direction. I am in your corner, always.

I am also an "Angel of Health." I am caring, honest and intuitive. There is nothing I won't face in our journey together, and I am willing to confront anything if I have to. I will go there with you. I will talk to you about anything.


Private coaching can be done in person or online.
Private coaching can be done in person or online.
Short courses or group coaching
Short courses are offered as both single and group sessions and include minimizing stress through mindfulness techniques, Reiki energy healing, Tai Chi massage and Bio-Well treatment sessions. I first take a reading of energy levels using a rare and new technology. Then, I revitalize your energy to leave you feeling healthy, happy, and ready for life.
Ongoing training
I help to teach people how to become a coach.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Yoga Teacher
  • Bio-Well Healer
  • Licensed arbitrator and mediator
  • Reiki Master
  • RYT 200 Yoga Alliance
  • Karipalu Yoga Teacher
  • Safehorizon Volunteer
  • Silver Age Yoga Teacher
  • Dharma Yoga Teacher
  • Shiva Rea Teacher
I'd like to begin by opening up to you about my lifelong journey toward wellness.

An Unhealthy Relationship with Food
Born a year after the family tragedy, my parents focused on me from birth. They compensated for the loss of my older brother by giving me unconditional, nonstop love—often in the form of food.

As a child, I couldn’t fit in any of the clothing that was sold in the husky department (and couldn’t afford it anyway). By age 12, I was approaching the 200-pound mark. I got bullied in school. Paired with my parental smothering, I developed a wicked relationship with food.

(I have a feeling some of you may relate. In times of turmoil and stress, it is too easy to turn to food for comfort.)

Every Monday and Thursday, my gym teacher made me try to climb the rope—this was a major source of amusement for everyone in the room because I’d never say no—but I was neither stupid nor delusional. I was just determined.

A Step in the Right Direction
That persistence runs in the family. When my mother fell and injured her hip, she endured a long year of rehabilitation. Inspired to take action, I earned a yoga therapy certification and became a Level-3 Reiki healer, qualified to teach.

Using a combination of Reiki and all the different methods of healing I learned the hard way, I spent hours each day working with my mother, helping her build up the energy and strength to walk again. One day, after years of immobility, my mother walked 50 feet down a hallway—a miraculous display of what commitment, perseverance, and a lot of faith can do.

An Important Wake-Up Call
At that time, I thought I had it all figured out. I was exercising, eating well, helping others. But I still had some important lessons to learn.

Before starting Angels of Health, I ran Angels of Debt, where I helped people resolve financial problems. I worked with countless members of my community as they struggled with debt or paying their mortgage, and I began bearing my clients’ pressure as my own.

The assumed pressure from the Angels of Debt job, combined with a history of battling with emotional eating and a debilitating fully torn rotator cuff injury, finally brought me to a breaking point.

One day, while on the phone discussing a stressful case with an attorney, I suffered a perforated ulcer—a painful explosion that required emergency surgery and a weeklong stay at the hospital.

I truly believe that this was an act of kindness. GD gave me no choice but to slow down!

The ‘Angel of Health’ is Born
While rehabilitating from surgery, I heeded the call to settle down—out of necessity. Once I did, something remarkable happened: I finally figured out a way to achieve bliss, in body, mind, and spirit. Not only did I come away from this experience with newfound wisdom, I also realized that the lesson learned would help countless clients and friends. Poor health decisions hinder potential, while holistic wellness supports dreams to come true. And thus, Angels of Health was born.

I compiled studies and data to support my new mission: to lose weight, gain energy, look youthful, and feel vibrant. By taking my proprietary style of yoga, exercise, clean eating, and lots of praying, my lifestyle changes have translated into sustainable wellness and a successful home and business life.

That’s what brings me here, to you now. When it comes to health, I know there’s a higher authority involved. But I also know that GD gave me the gift of unwavering resolve, so I could help people by passing along the information I have—and hopefully inspire healthy, positive, and sustainable lifestyle changes.

If there’s a principal lesson to learn from my story, it’s that you can change the world, one person at a time—and that the transformation starts from within.

That was my journey. I wish you the best of luck on yours.

GD bless,

Fee description

Fees: from $45 USD to $1200 USD

I offer single sessions from as low as $100, as well as packages up to $1200. Packages include bonuses, such as monthly emergency sessions and two weekly check in points. I offer unlimited email access. I am here for you.

Additional discounts and sliding scales offered.


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