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paul mckenzie

Master NLP Practitioner  
I am a charismatic and professional Coach and NLP Master Practitioner as well as a Public Speaker

About me

Think of your belief system as a tree, the part of the tree that is on display is tall thick and has many branches to it. It sits on the soil. Now look at what is beneath the tree. What is supporting the tree? The roots. The roots are the most important part of the tree. Without the root the upper body has no knowledge of how it fits into reality. Without the root there is no tree. No foundation to build on, no substance and no existence. So let's think about our roots. Are your roots firmly placed to support the life you want or are they just, the same old roots that you have always depended on? The roots that bearly support you at all!
If your roots are weak then how can you branch out?
A more flexible approach is required to produce outstanding results. The more flexibility you have the better your results. Decide today to make that change!

Coaching with me

My clients achieve a sense of freedom from much of the stress and anxiety related to work/life balance. My focus is to focus on the root causes for many of these issues and use proven techniques and process to assist them to overcome many of these challenges. Wether you are stuck in an emotional state that limits you from moving forward, or you want to become more of a professional Public speaker, My session are for you!
Once you have control over the limiting beliefs and emotional challenges in your life, you are much better equip to move forward with your goals. Your confidence will improve and your work / life balance will start to develop in line with your true personality.
My style of Coaching is unique in the sense that much of it has an undertone of humour attached to it. It is my firm belief that associating pleasure instead of pain is a sure way of making change in your life pleasurable. Humour is also a great way of creating a powerful and improved outlook on your life.
My number one value is 'if you are truly happy in your life, you can see the possibilities, even when the outlook seems dark'.


Paul Mckenzie works with corporate and private clients, offering powerful bespoke made coaching sessions that promote change and motivate at all logical levels.
With the use of some of the most effective change techniques, the aim is to assist you to overcome any long term or short term challenges that may be limiting your personal or work life at present. With the removal of these limitations, it becomes possible to challenge and push through limiting beliefs that may have held you back in the past.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Master NLP Practitioner
  • Certified Timeline Therapist
  • Certified Hypnotherapist
Having spent many years as a stand up comedian, I developed a true understanding of what it takes to build and maintain rapport with your listener. One of the most important aspects of communication is the amount of rapport you are able to build and maintain. This gave me the motivation to become a Life Coach and Public Speaking Trainer, simply because of my passion in seeing people develop and become the best that they can be in life.
The use of NLP and Time Line Therapy help me to also teach people exactly how to produce outstanding results in their professional and work life. Once you have this balance, you can truly say that you are living the life you deserve.

Fee description

Fees: from $800 USD to $2000 USD

My fees are based largely on the specific requirement and training. The size of the organisation will also determine the price at the higher end. My fees include support and feedback. In most cases my coaching far exceeds the expectations of my clients.


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