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Petra Monaco

Boundary Strategist and Life Coach. 
Scottsville, Virginia, United States

Create Freedom so you can balance life, family and business.

Life coach Creativity coach

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  • Cultivate Your Dreams


    Growing an Incredible life by Cultivating your Dreams is the creation from my work, following my own passions.

    $97.00 RRP $97.00     save 0% ADD TO CART
  • Jump Up & Shine


    Everybody has a dream A dream to do something with life - to follow their passion

    $97.00 RRP $147.00     save 34% ADD TO CART
  • 4 - Sessions to Transform your Life


    Healthy Boundaries means knowing, understanding, and communicating what you will tolerate. And the reality is that boundaries show up everywhere...

    $300.00 RRP $300.00     save 0% ADD TO CART
  • 1 Discovery Session


    Boundaries are invisible lines that we believe should not be crossed. They are here to protect us and to have healthy relationships.

    $197.00 RRP $197.00     save 0% ADD TO CART

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