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Priyanka Lenka

Certified Life & Leadership Coach 
Pune, Maharashtra, India

Curious to be a part of this fascinating journey of growth & development, as a coach.

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About me


• Franklin Covey certified Life & Leadership Coach
• NLP Master Practitioner-NFNLP- USA
• Business Psychologist- IIBP, Lena Research Ins.
• Trainer & Master Facilitator- IITD, India
• Master practitioner in Transactional Analysis 101 from SAATA (South Asian Association of Transactional Analysis)
• Master Certification In Competency Development
• TUV NORD certified Internal Auditor
• Master in Human Resource Administration

Priyanka is a highly skilled life and Leadership coach certified by Franklin CoveyNeuroleadership institute (NLI, Australia). With over 600 hours of coaching experience, Priyanka has been actively involved in delivering programs on Work Place Coaching for Executives in Organizations.
Besides being a life and Leadership Coach, Priyanka is also a trained assessor and a lead trainer. Priyanka’s belief is that every individual is inherently blessed with intelligence, the power of thought and the capacity to change. Her job as a Coach is to facilitate them to achieve this change in an environment based on trust. In addition to her coaching experience, Priyanka has had a rich and full filling corporate career, spanning over 10 years in the manufacturing Industry.

Being a learning & development professional, she has spent a substantial part of her career with fortune five hundred companies, managing talents across South of Asia. She was instrumental in few significant organizational interventions, which brought business growth within structured change.

In the space of learning & facilitation, assessments & HR consulting, Priyanka has over a decade of experience and has designed and delivered training programs to corporate clients/NGOs/Academic Institutions on various behavioral sciences and life skills.

She has a unique distinction of creating the right mix of experiential and lab methodology of facilitating both in-house and outbound learning interventions. Her facilitation skills have crossed boundaries of industries and have created ripples of desired behavioral changes in more than 5,000 manpower so far globally.



I utilize transactional analysis and neurolingusitic techniques to create an environment of trust and openness where the coachee can confide and drive their own solutions with complete ownership.
-I usually take 06-10 sessions of 1-2 hours each, depending on the coachee's developmental areas.
-1-2 sessions are towards setting up goals for the coachee by using methods of mining, refining, defining and shining.
- From session 3-8, it's the time to finalize and execute strategies and actions which the coachee has committed to. These sessions are extremely transformational and transactional in nature as the coachee progresses towards set goals.
- Session 9-10, are towards revisiting the growth path and celebrating accomplishments. It's also to create strategies to lead life with changed mindsets.
- These sessions can be face-to-face / telephonic / online, as per mutual agreement with coachee.
- The sessions are spaced 3-4 weeks apart so that execution of action gets its due time.


Certified BBC coach, Certified NLP Practitioner, Certified Business Psychologist-IIBP, Certified Transactional Analyst, IITD Certified Trainer. Full-time life & leadership coach and behavioral & soft skills trainer with 12+ years of industry experience in L&D practices, training & development and 6+ years of experience in psychological coaching & counselling.

Short courses or group coaching

For Group coaching, concepts of transac'tional analysis are used.

Fee description

Fees: from $2500 USD to $3500 USD


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