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Raeyan Goff

Confidence Coach 
Tempe, Arizona, United States
I have a background in therapy, so I am prepared and equipped to grief and trauma.

FEES from $35 USD to $350 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

I have experience working with trauma and grief, and this is something that people struggle with and I actually have an educational background in trauma. I am also equipped to help people with work/life balance, this is currently what I do a lot in my current job. I am very motivational, but also a realist, it won't always be easy and some sessions will be harder than others, but I'm here to support you and get through it with you at all. Outside of weekly sessions, all my clients will receive my personal number so that you can reach out to me in between sessions if necessary. Coming from a therapist background, there is no situation that it is too hard for me, and I will never give up on a client as long as they never give up on themselves.

Coaching with me


Hello everyone, 


I have a Master degree in social work, and I have practiced therapy for about a year as a professional, dealing with trauma, motivational coaching, work/life balance, and parenting coaching. I am a certified confidence coach and have helped clients achieve more happiness in their daily life. A lot of what I do in my work is supporting clients at the point that they are at in their lives, because everyone has a different starting point. I never judge anyone, and I always come from a place of truly wanting to help and support my clients.I am always available, even on weekends, to text and schedule an impromptu session, and I don't even charge a same day fee, you'll only need to pay your normal fee for that session. I am dedicated to helping my clients on as little or as much as they need. Typically, I recommend starting out with at least 1 60 minute session a week, or a 90 minute session every 2 weeks, but it is completely up to you. My goal is to have my clients feel prepared and confident to do life on their own. But know that even once we end our coaching relationship, you can always depend on me for support because I will definitely still be checking in on you.


I like to consider myself as a "paid bestfriend who will keep all your secrets and never judge you." I literally tell all of my clients this when I first have a session with them. I am very laidback and let my clients take the lead of the session, nothing is off limits to discuss with me, I am qualified and prepared to deal with any situation. However, if we start off dealing with success coaching but sessions become more about grief and trauma, there will be a change in rate to make sure we're covering for the extra expertise and materials being used during sessions.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.


I allow private coaching sessions via zoom or phone call with unlimited access to me for 3 months. You may reach out to me as often as necessary.


I offer online coaching via zoom or phone calls Monday through Thursday from 11 to 7, my schedule on Fridays is 12 to 4. If you would need something later than 7 pm, reach out to me, and I am willing to work with you. Sessions are a 60 minute minimum, and the first session requires full payment to be paid before hand, each session after requires a 50% deposit to confirm booking.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Masters in Social Work
  • Confidence coaching

Fee description

Fees: from $35 USD to $350 USD

Fees depend on the length of the call, the consistency of sessions, and how long you plan to get coaching for. If you are interested in longer term sessions, such as 6 to 9 months, you will receive coaching sessions for $50 a session, but you have to at least pay for 6 sessions up front. If you are not yet sure how many sessions you can commit to, we have rates starting at $100. Also, depending on the area of coaching you want to receive, pricing may increase.


All initial sessions are a flat rate of $35 for 40 minutes.


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