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Raja Hatoum

Emotional Intelligence Master Coach 
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Cultivate your full potential - EI-coach for performance - CPC certified professional coach -

About me

Get connected to your internal compass, Develop your talent, cultivate your potential, live you ultimate success. Coaching Beyond Solutions. Empower and cultivate your inner power.
- Certified Professional Coach CPC specialized in Emotional intelligence coaching.
- Humbly characterized by having genuine ability to listen, connect, care and love to help people grow. In that process I am growing as well.
This has been a rich theme throughout my life – to help people and their organizations to pursue their full potential by being emotionally resourceful, resilient and perseverant.
- I help people, educators and organizations achieve their objectives through the development of strategic self-awareness, empathy and leadership. I help startups, small businesses and entrepreneurs to achieve success.


Direct interaction provide the best opportunity to understand, explore, support and help you commit to your goals and purpose.
I offer 3 compass programs:
Silver Compass 350$/M
Golden Compass 600$/M &
elite Compass 1000$/M
Virtual coaching is a great mean to bridge distance and maintain professional support to you and to your goals. Though it may require more time and pose more challenges in communication, however i still consider it very effective in helping succeed.
Same program offering as private coaching
Short courses or group coaching
Coaching for teams
Together we are better, is the essence of coaching imitative to get all the team members on board, resolved and committed to the vision and mission of their organization, aligned with their inner compass to become star performers.
Contact me for pricing.
Ongoing training
Emotional intelligence coaching for star performers.
Full program of train the trainer for coaches.
- Consist of theoretical practical training on EI (emotional intelligence)
- EI pillars
1- Self mastery
2- Social mastery
3- Renewal mastery
- Bridging EI to coaching model, which consist of 7 color caps.
contact me for pricing.

Fee description

Fees: from $350 USD to $10000 USD

Get empowered by maximum clarity, explore your full potential, go beyond solutions and open new possibilities by achieving your objectives one at a time.
You are what you DREAM to be. My unwavering promise to you, is that I go far and beyond, coaching you in order to realize and materialize your dreams into successful reality. I’m an enthusiastic Emotional intelligence coach.
My Strengths as a Certified Professional Coach

You will find that I am excellent at helping you discover the actions that are essential for you, and tapping into the motivation to move forward with the important actions in your life. I will tell you the truth. I will remind you of who you are. You will be challenged to be all that you can be. I won’t settle for anything less than the very best for you, i will hold you accountable for your goals, and celebrate your success, i will aim to your: Ultimate self and Total Prosperity!


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