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Ran Zilca

Msc, Board Certified Coach 
Raanana, Mehoz HaMerkaz, Israel
Ran is a research scientist, published author, and certified coach.

About me

Ran Zilca is a research scientist, technology entrepreneur, and certified personal coach, who pioneered the use of mobile devices to deliver programs of positive personal transformation.

With a combination of psychological research and computer science, Ran's companies develop innovative programs of personal growth and have worked closely with partners like Deepak Chopra and Stephen Covey. His research in engineering and psychology has been published in major scientific publications in the past 22 years, and his weekly posts on major blogs attract hundreds of thousands of readers each month.

Ran is a loving husband and father of three, a guitar player, and a biker. In the course of his work, he developed a step-by-step process of personal transformation and followed it in his life. The result was a 6,000 mile solo motorcycle ride across the country, a new book, the sale of his company, and a move to a different continent.

Coaching with me

Clarity - what are the most meaningful things to you? What specific goals you are passionate about?

Energy - the physical, mental, and emotional vitality needed to pursue your new future with perseverance.

Execution - what daily steps you should take each day to accomplish your meaningful goals. Fit your goals into your calendar.

I am your partner to your personal transformation.

I will be there for you to provide support and to help you see things clearly.

I will also always call you out on the commitments and decisions that you resolve to make, reminding you of the reasons they are important to you.


I work with individuals who are looking to transform their lives and uncover meaning and purpose. I use my background as a research scientist and technology entrepreneur, and the lessons that I learned during my personal transformation working together with authors like Deepak Chopra, Sonja Lyubonirsky, and Barbara Fredrickson.
As a technologist I am always interested in using online/digital tools to increase engagement and the efficacy of the coaching process.
Short courses or group coaching
Meaningful Goal Pursuit describes a step-by-step process for rediscovering and then living your childhood plans. It includes exclusive video interviews with Deepak Chopra and with Phil Zimbardo, Sonja Lyubomirsky, Barbara Fredrickson, and many others.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Masters of Science - Electrical Engineering
  • Board Certified Coach (inaugural class)
I have over twenty years of experience as a researcher, tech entrepreneur, and data scientist, working in various research labs in industry and government, starting companies, growing them, and selling them. I spent most of my career in the NEw York area, and still work in NY today.

In 2010, while running a tech company working with great transformational authors like Deepak Chopra and Phil Zimbardo I decided to change my life. The result was a 6000 miles solo motorcycle ride, my first book, a move to another continent, selling my first company, and becoming certified as a life coach.

Fee description

Fees: from $150 USD to $600 USD

Private coaching is offered at $200/hr. Monthly packages of 4 1-hr sessions are $600.
Different online courses are offered at different prices.


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