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SEATTLE, Washington, United States
Passionate, coach who strives to help my clients with tips & techniques to help achieve their goals
Life coach Dating coach
OFFERINGS: Online coaching

FEES from $75 USD to $1800 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

I work with clients that deal with anxiety, work-life balance, spirituality, health, and much more. 


Each week I will send out customized information that will include articles, worksheets, and other information. We will set up a call or a zoom call monthly to discuss the goals and achievements made. 


Or review what did not work and create a new strategy. I am excited to be a part of your journey of discovery and what lies ahead. Also, the next scheduled call session will be set up at that time.



Relationship Coaching


Singles, Divorced, or transitioning from a relationship can be challenging. I work with my clients to review what may have gone wrong in their past to see any patterns. And create a program to set them on the path of conscious dating to find the healthy and loving relationship they always wanted.


All clients will receive a welcoming package via e-mail which will include: pricing, cancellation policies, work hours, and more detail about the services I supply and your customized coaching plan. But, they will also receive their first weekly subject of interest, which needs to be completed before our session.


All sessions will be weekly for one hour. We will cover the materials, answer any questions, create goals and celebrate wins!


I have 6-week programs and 6-month programs depending on your needs. I also provide 1:1 services to help my clients pick out clothes for their first date and a follow-up phone call to see how it went. 


LLF Coaching provides a safe, non-judging environment in which my goal is to focus on what works for you. I am here to help you on your journey to becoming the best version of yourself.

Coaching with me


Customized Coaching Services:
I work with my clients in providing them with tools and techniques to help raise their self-esteem and create healthy boundaries. Make healthy lifestyle choices. 

The result is for my clients is to have the ability to develop healthy, happy, and grounded relationships.

Creating Healthy Boundaries
CBT(Cognitive Behavior Therapy)
Stress Techniques
Overcoming the Fear of Change
Self Esteem 
Healthy Lifestyle Choices


For Dating and Relationships: 


Toleration exercises to clear the mind

Defining Limiting beliefs

Benefits of having healthy boundaries  

Define your needs when dating

Getting clear on dating requirements 

What does a healthy relationship look like?  

Signs of Emotional abuse

Reclaim your energy in a relationship 

Emotional Intimacy  

Free yourself from your past

Toxic Relationships

Trusting your decisions 

Law of Attraction 


I apply the SMART as a methodology to my coaching:

* Self-Mastery

* Action through Empowerment

* Resilience

* Transformational learning becomes connected with the qi energy that transforms and purifies the subconscious mind.


I am an author of two books:

Survive Your Divorce and Learn to Live Joyfully Again & Butterflies: Thriving in Social Situations When You Suffer from Social Anxiety; both are available through Amazon.



Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.


For all Life and Relationship Coaching Packages

·         Workbooks, Journals, articles are digital. They can be printed or used on electronic devices.

·                Depending on the program, most sessions are conducted weekly or once a month. All programs run for a minimum of six months.

·         Zoom or phone calls are about an hour for each session.

·         During each session, we will cover any questions, celebrate wins, review, and create new goals to work on before the next session call.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Usui Reiki Master
  • Certified Cognitive Behavioral Coach
  • Certified Holistic Health Coach
  • Certified Dating & Relationship Coach
  • Certified Professional Life Coach
  • Crystal Healing Practitioners
  • NLP Training

I have worked in healthcare as a clinical researcher for 17 years. Even though I enjoyed working in a field of studies that helped people live better lives, I wanted to do something different. Friends and family seemed to seek my advice, and I have helped many of them during their darkest hours. So, I decided I wanted to get my certification in coaching so I can also share what I have learned about myself and help others.

Fee description

Fees: from $75 USD to $1800 USD

Discovery call is free, and most rates will depend on the coaching services selected. I do not have a standard coaching package because we all have certain goals, and my coaching style is created to help you achieve your goals. 


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