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Reggie Sparrow

H.B.A Psyc, H.B.A. Ling 
Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
H.B.A Psyc, H.B.A. Ling
Life coach

FEES from $100 USD to $1200 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

Why Did I Choose to Become a Life Coach?

Ever since I can remember, I always had a passion in working with people. I remember even since my young age, I would always listen to what people had to say. I listened to their life stories and experiences. This allowed me to understand where people’s life decisions lead them. One of my early career goals was to become a heart micro surgeon, I liked the idea of helping people and I had a great interest in biology. However, I took a different direction in my studies.

I have always mentored and coached people whether it was while tutoring young adults and adults, during photography (I have done photography in the past, that's my creative side) events and when simply conversing with people. I have done life coaching since 2003 (while being unaware I was doing life coaching); changing people’s life into positive direction and helping them achieve their goals.

I helped people with confidence & self esteem empowerment, aligning self-perceived views and optimal objective views, problem solving, goal setting, following and achieving goals, self discovery, time management, achieving life balance, enhancing people skills, relationship improvement, family dynamics, moving forward from minor and major life setbacks, and more.

Coaching with me

Self-Esteem Empowerment
Rediscovering Yourself
Finding Your Strengths
Overcoming Setbacks
Time Management
Balancing Your Life
Goal Directed Planning
Achieving Your Goals
Family Dynamics
I believe that people have all the answers for themselves. We inherently take steps toward achieving our goals. Sometimes, contextual consequences and life events may hinder our progress and thus our paths may become confusing. Where to go from here, we ask ourselves…

As your life coach, I will guide and direct you toward your self discovery, personal growth, goal-setting and goal-reaching.

A new spark, a new motivation, a new solution in achieving your life goals. Imagine yourself having your goals realized.

You inherently know all the answers

I will present you with a safe and warm environment

You are the driver in the front seat

I will actively listen to what you have to say

You will be responsible for completing homework assignments, which will consist of steps in achieving your goals.


One on one private coaching encompasses an initial discovery session 60-90 minutes and follow-up sessions that can range from 30-60 minutes.
Short courses or group coaching
Group coaching is available upon request with groups of 5-10. Private party coaching for groups of 20 is also available. Please contact me for more info.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • H.B.A Psychology
  • H.B.A. Linguistics
  • Had personal mentors for many years
  • Constantly learning new skills - Self Development
  • Reading new material on Psychology and NLP

Fee description

Fees: from $100 USD to $1200 USD

Discovery Session $ 120
Follow up Session: $ 100
Discovery Session + 3 Follow up Sessions $ 400
Discovery Session + 11 Follow up Sessions $1,200


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