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Rezan Levandovych

Entrepreneur, Productivity Coach 
Brooklyn, New York, United States

Hey! I’m a productivity coach, digital marketer and entrepreneur.

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About me

Hey! I’m a digital marketer, productivity coach and entrepreneur. My goal has always been to bring great services, products, brands and businesses to others. 

After experimenting with different potential careers, starting a few different businesses (From selling healthy drinks, weight loss products, app and web development, and digital marketing), and investing thousands of dollars into my own self-education. I finally started to identify my passions and my road to impacting thousands of people and creating a difference in the world.

My key passions are digital marketing, coaching others towards their greatness, and creating products and businesses that create a positive impact.

And from that, Xillionaire Performance was born. I created the website to act as a platform to share powerful ways to take your life to the next level, whether that’s personal or business growth. It’s designed to be an educational platform to bring the highest quality of knowledge to people who truly want to change. But, not just change a little, become the best possible version of themselves. Not settling for good or enough, but going for the highest performance and level.

Coaching with me


I support you with...

1) Finding Your Passion and Purpose

2) Building a Rock-Solid Foundation to build on

3) Mastering Your Mindset

4) Optimizing Your Body for Energy & Performance

5) Productivity Strategies & Hacks


My Productivity Coaching Programs work in 5 stages and support you in creating an actionable and strategic way to accomplish the goals that matter most to you. Allowing you to create massive productivity, joy, passion, motivation, growth and more!

Stage 1 - Find Your Passion & Purpose

  • Why Passion and Purpose is Crucial for Success

  • How to Find Your Real Passions & use them to guide you towards your purpose

  • Learn to Generate Passion Every Day

  • How to Turn your passion into a business/career

  • What Your Next Steps Are

Stage 2 - Building a Rock-Solid Foundation

  • Developing a Powerful Vision & Immense clarity

  • Identify Your True Purpose for Your Vision

  • Massive Action Plan - An actionable and productive approach to goal setting

  • Mastering Enrollment - Enrolling yourself and others into your vision and goals

  • Responsibility - Taking back control by being a powerful source of transformation and results

  • Building Long-Lasting Habits

  • Developing Powerful Relationships

  • Finding a supportive community that resonates with you

Stage 3 - Mastering Your Mindset

  • What is the Process + Importance of Mindset Mastery

  • Negative Impacts on the Mind and How to Eliminate It

  • How to Develop a Productive Growth Mindset

  • How to Eliminate Over Thinking, Doubt and Fear (so You Take Action)

  • Mindsets to Adopt for Maximum Leadership + Growth

Stage 4 - Optimizing Your Body for Energy & Performance

  • Effective Ways to Optimize Your Body

  • 10 Daily Must-Do's for Maximizing Energy & Performance

  • How to Cleanse Your Body of Toxicity

  • How to Have Consistent Energy (Willpower)

  • Leverage Breathing

  • Meditation & Effective Breaks

Stage 5 - Productivity Strategies & Hacks

  • Routine Optimization - Morning, Day & Night Routine Optimization

  • Effective Journaling

  • Create exponential results with the compound effect

  • Do less work and let more results

  • Create Immense Focus and Eliminate Distractions

  • Intentional learning to minimize mistakes & your learning curve

Fee description

Fees: from $50 USD to $75 USD


$200/month (packages)


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