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Rolf Petersen

Writter, observer, actor, composer. 
Benito Juarez, Distrito Federal, Mexico

I´m Rolf Petersen. I´m 42 years old. I am a happily server of who ever wants to evolve.

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About me

I´m Rolf Petersen. 


  I´ve been an Actor, producer, writer and composer for all my professional life.  As I´ve observed and experienced in my job, I´ve realized that an educated observation of my own energy management and the attention that I put in my thoughts and acts are some of the most important considerations for changing my state of being and situation in set and in life.  All my life I´ve been in an unintentional position of helping others.  I say unintentional because people just came to me to talk and be listen.  I became quite conscious about this condition and decided in 2019 to train myself professionally so I can contribute in the best possible way I can to help them achieve their goals, dreams and mission in life. 

I´m here to serve you.  How can I help?



This one-on-one coaching can take place over the phone or in person.

You can ask for an outside of Mexico extended package of Pivate coaching sessions.



The work takes place completely online. 

The time and conditions will be scheduled in the first free consultation.


Short courses or group coaching

Group coaching on demand.

Group coaching and courses will be starting in Spanish on april 2021

Ask for an outside of Mexico extended package of group coaching sessions.


Fee description

Fees: from $50 USD to $500 USD

My servie fee can be fixed after your offer in the first free session.


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