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Ron Broussard

CPC, AT, LOA Practitioner 
Duluth, Georgia, United States

★Passionate about helping people create business & personal relationship transformations.★

About me

As an international author, speaker and coach, I help business leaders and people stretch their relationship capital by using their energy, influence, and resources to create positive changes in their business and life.

My business and brand STRETCHYOURSELF™ was created to help serve my life's purpose of helping to change the lives of millions of people.

Living a passionate purposeful life is everyone's life journey. Its the difference between living extraordinary or settling for mediocrity. This is my purpose in life, to not only live every day of my life doing what I love - but to touch the people's lives I meet and help them make an impact, have more success, and enjoy their businesses and lives.

And I've wrote some really cool books along the way! Wanting Eyes, Footprints Of My Soul, and Stretch Yourself Create the Relationships You Deserve are all about relationships in life and business. So connect with me and let's talk!

Coaching with me

I help clients with:


Powerful, effective strategies to achieve positive change
Overcome obstacles and achieve goals
Develop increased awareness and performance
Achieve professional success and effectiveness
Overcome obstacles and achieve benchmarks


Overcome business obstacles and achieve benchmarks
Increase sales, client engagement and retention, and residual income from existing clients

First we allocate time so we can get to know each other, understand your challenges and goals, and identify the best program for you. If we feel we can work together, we will establish our standard time to meet and the guidelines for phone/Skype and email communication.

I like to coach by providing resources and tools to show what is possible. I believe that if they see that their goals are tangible and achievement, they will put the maximum amount of effort to achieve.

I don't believe in the theoretical teaching, but rather live application for attainability and a high success rate.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.


There are two program levels, Platinum and Gold.

Benefits you will receive:

Regular face to face, phone or SKYPE discussion with your own personal mentor and coach

Powerful, effective means of achieving positive change Tailored to your own unique needs

Overcome obstacles and achieve your goals

Achieve personal and professional success

Undertaken in a comfortable, confidential environment of your choosing or via ZOOM

Subscription to the SY eNewsletter Access to the STRETCHYOURSELF Community and network of tools and resources Unlimited email access to my personal email account

The sessions will be 50+ minute individually tailored sessions. They will have a clear focus to help you explore your challenges, opportunities, goals, and to identify action steps you can take to overcome any obstacles and achieve your goals. By the end of each session, you will have action items to undertake to move you closer to your goals. We will outline the next session steps together and reflect on your progress and outcomes, sending additional resources where appropriate, so that the sessions are of the highest quality and you gain the greatest value from your coaching


There is only one program level Benefits you will receive: Meeting one hour every two weeks, with 15 min schedule spot sessions in between via skype or phone Unlimited email access and access to STRETCHYOURSELF online course work

Short courses or group coaching

STRETCHYOURSELF Business MasterMind Group (limited to 25 people) 1 program level Benefits you will receive: ZOOM/phone discussions Powerful, effective means of achieving positive results Tailored to your own business launch, unique marketing, and business benchmarks Overcome business obstacles and achieve benchmarks Increase sales, client engagement and retention, and residual income from existing clients

Ongoing training

Brand Consulting Services (Limited to 5 people) 1 Program Level Benefits you will recieve Grow their existing business through improved marketing, branding and innovation Enter new markets with existing products or services Develop and validate entirely new business opportunities Integrate businesses and brands as a result of acquisitions and company re-organizations Key Deliverables Project kick-off materials, including marketing, innovation and brand strategy perspectives Internal hypotheses, questions, opportunities and challenges to guide subsequent project steps Key outputs of this step are used as an input into initial strategic branding step.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Certified Train the Trainer
  • Certified Law Of Attraction Practitioner
  • Certified Professional Coach
“What makes me a GOOD COACH/CONSULTANT?” –

Before we discuss what qualities and skill sets that make me a good coach, I need to first acknowledge how very difficult this profession of coaching really is. Coaching is sometimes a thankless, frustrating “no-win” kind of job. You have to have PASSION for what you do and the impact you want to contribute to be in service of others.

So now let’s take a look the things that I bring to the table that makes me really good coach/consultant.

#1) I start by making my client BELIEVE in themselves - I inspire my clients to do more than they think they can. I get my clients to entertain possibilities that STRETCH the limits of their beliefs by building them up, not as a gimmick nor is it done artificially. I do it by seeing the abilities that you have and the potential in your abilities.

#2) I teach based on my life experiences. I believe that you cannot help someone if you haven't went through something similar yourself. I don't only just teach the skills, and strategies, I also looks for opportunities where I can share the more important life lessons that I've learned in my life such as mastering hardship, handling and rebounding from failures and setbacks, trusting your intuition, sacrificing, and discipline.

#3) I am FLEXIBLE – I approach my coaching by continuously looking for a better way to reach each client. If one approach doesn’t work, then I try others ways until I figure out the best way to reach that particular client. Just because a client doesn't responding to your coaching does not mean that he/she has an commitment problem. I believe there is strength in being flexible.

#4) I am a GREAT COMMUNICATOR - I understand that communication is a two-way street and involves a back and forth between coach and client. I believe effective communication entails that you carefully listen to what your client is saying and not saying by BEING QUIET INSIDE SO THAT YOU CAN LISTEN. I believe that you can’t learn how to listen then you will never truly be effective in reaching your client.

#5) I CONTINUALLY CHALLENGE MY CLIENTS TO STRETCH THEMSELVES AND PUSH THEIR LIMITS – I inspire my clients to believe in themselves is by continually putting them in situations which challenge and STRETCH their limiting beliefs. I believe in y pushing my clients outside of their comfort zone, mentally and emotionally, and then helping them discover that, in fact, they can do better than they first believed they could. I teach the “GET COMFORTABLE BEING UNCOMFORTABLE principle,” which states that the only way to grow mentally and emotionally is to constantly challenge yourself to do things that aren’t easy.

#6) I CONTINUALLY CHALLENGE MYSELF – I continually state that I am a seeker of knowledge, meaning that I model the attitudes and behaviors that they want my clients to adopt. I maintain a “beginner’s mind” when it comes to my own professional development. I understand that regardless of how much success I may have had in the past doing things their own way, I can always learn new and better ways. In this way I constantly step out of their comfort zone as an “expert” and put myself in the more uncomfortable position as “beginner and learner.”

#7) I am PASSIONATE ABOUT WHAT I DO – Passion (love) is a high test fuel that will powers me over obstacles, beyond setbacks and through frustration until I achieve the success. My passion is infectious, motivational and inspiring.

#8) I am EMPATHETIC AND TUNED INTO THE FEELINGS OF MY CLIENTS - I have the unique ability to communicate that I truly understand my client, enabling us to have a great nurturing relationship, while building loyalty, self-esteem and motivation.

#9) I USE MY CLIENTS' MISTAKES AND FAILURES AS VALUABLE TEACHING OPPORTUNITIES - Failure is stepping stones to success, so I want my clients to NOT be afraid of failure, but to be afraid of not trying at all. I believe that mistakes and failures are nothing more than feedback, feedback about what you did wrong and specifically about what you need to do differently next time. I teach that failure is feedback, and feedback is the BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS!

Fee description

Fees: from $863 USD to $1265 USD

Commitment You are required to commit initially to a package for 3 months to ensure you achieve lasting success from building the foundation and implementing strategies into your business and life. You will be supported in setting appropriate goals and benchmarks, working on steps towards these benchmarks and carrying out actions between each session to enable maximum success. The program ends whenever you are ready After 90 days if you wish to continue, your investment will be on a discounted monthly basis and when you are ready to close our sessions, we will finish with close down session to review your work and give action plans for future achievements All Session are confidential


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