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Rose Kincaid

Deja Vu Life Coaching 
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
A life coach professional here to help you W.I.N. (Waking Inner Niches)
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About me

It's always been my calling to help others with a genuine desire for their happiness.  Helping you work through road blocks in your professional or personal life is going to be a journey that we both will enjoy! I have a strong desire to empower individuals to become a better version of themselves filled with positivity, self-confidence and self love!

We've all experienced situations in life that left us wondering why and how did we get here.  I've experienced my abundant share of trauma and the highs/lows of life that could have easily caused depression and/or death.  I repurposed the hurt and pain from my past into lessons of love, nurture, and undending hope.  You too can thrive with the right support in a nurturing environment..I want to share with you the positive way to achieve solutions and success so that you wake up each morning smiling! 

It takes conviction, courage & commitment to yourself to make and act on your choices to live your best life..... and you can do it!


Coaching with me


I'm committed to helping clients achieve true clarity and discover eye opening insights into a better you!  


My style of coaching style is fun, curious, direct, animated, accessible, calm, warm, refreshing, surprising, connected, dynamic, provocative and non confrontational, always with love and a smile.

We start the coaching relationship with a Discovery Session to make sure I'm a good fit for you.  Once we know that we 'click', we co-create the strategy that's best for you by getting to the bottom of your desire for change and uncovering what is getting in the way.

The results will demonstrate how your actions on the the insights you learn because change can only happen when you actually implement & maintain them AFTER the coaching sessions.  

My ultimate goal as your coach is to ensure you are acknowledged, understood, seen, heard, empowered and feeling like "you're on top of the world!"


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.


I'm offering life coaching services for both professional and personal needs via phone or in person!   Sessions range from 1/2 to 1 hour.  Packages are available!



I'm offering life coaching services for both professional and personal needs via online!   Sessions range from 1/2 to 1 hour.  Packages are available!

A secure and private link will be provided and the session will take place via ZOOM.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • BS in Business
  • Life Coach Certification
  • Corporate Mental Well Being Ambassador
  • Essential Coaching Skills - CLESCS
  • Sound Healing
  • Cultivating Resilience
  • Stress Management

Ever heard of the phrase "been there, done that"?  That's my life motto!  From a professional side, being an African American woman in corporate America (State Farm, ADT Lincoln Mercuy, Deloitte) as well as an Entrepreneur, I've experienced almost every level of road blocks that you could imagine.

On the personal side, let's just say that I need to write a book!  From divorce to abuse ....I've been through it all!  I'm here to help you navigate the bumpy waters of life and promise that you will!

Fee description

Fees: from $25 USD to $100 USD

$50 per hour/$100 per hour for calls more than 2 hours


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Coaching with Rose Kincaid
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  • Life coaching Coaching coach, life coach,business coach, coaching, life coaching, self help, personal development Coaching with Rose Kincaid Rochelle T | August 21, 2022
    5 Star
    The Best!

    There is so much that I can say but she is truly the best at what she does! Rose is very hands on and understanding. She follows your lead and gives you the tools that cater to your journey. You design your own plan she just gives you unlimited support! I truly appreciate her and love her so much. I will definitely be using her services again and I recommend her for my family as well yours.


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