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Rudo Thomas

M.S, Certified Llife Coach 
Copperas Cove, Texas, United States


Empowering you to create your best life yet!


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OFFERINGS: Private coaching

FEES from $75 USD to $1000 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

Do you feel like the challenges you are going through have literary destroyed your life and you feel like you have no way out; do you feel stuck, unworthy, shattered, stressed out, low energy, can no longer enjoy doing the things you love anymore? If this sounds anything like you; here is the good news you are not alone I have been there and YES there is a way out! You don’t have to do it alone any longer let’s partner together and get you out of that situation into living a more empowered life!

I have been where you are that’s why I chose to be here to help you navigate your way. I went through a lot of challenging times in my life; I went  from being abused by my ex husband to a nasty divorce to  being homeless then came the loss of my father and two of my siblings. All these events were over bearing and challenging for me one can’t even begin to imagine the emotional wounds and pain I went through.

To cut a long story short; I knew I had it in me to survive through all this devastation but how? When my familiar world was shattered.  In all this I had to be strong so I decided to go through a Life Coaching training program to learn more about life, who I truly am and how to heal myself through all these traumas and challenges.  I got the opportunity to be coached through all my situations when I was in the Coach training. The result was I become stronger, empowered, I moved from just surviving to thriving. I was equipped with the necessary tools that helped to promote recovery and growth. These tools also help me to face whatever comes my way with courage and confidence. I would like to share these tools with you, so you too no matter what you are going through right now can achieve your breakthrough and live a more empowered life. So let’s get started!

Coaching with me


Life throws us challenges that can be tough to get through alone. These curveballs sometimes stress us out way more than they should. But the truth is that when we are equipped to overcome these challenges, we learn the most about ourselves. Learning about ourselves promotes growth. Growth is the best part about being human, because we develop into a new and different (and hopefully better) person.  If you are ready for a breakthrough and growth I am ready to partner with you in your journey.

I am Certified Life Coach and Energy Leadership Index–Master Practitioner (ELI-MP)The Energy Leadership Index (ELI)  is the proprietary, research-backed assessment tool that takes something abstract, like the way a person views the world, and turns it into something tangible a metric that you can see and feel and even reevaluate in the future (Energy Leadership:IPEC Coaching).I offer my clients the Energy Leadership Index assessment at the start of a coaching relationship and as a regular follow up assessment to provide tangible, research-backed ROI data for any coaching engagement. How does this benefit my clients? With the awareness and insights gained through the Energy Leadership Index debrief, clients have the opportunity to reshape their attitudes and worldview and “transform who they are.

Through my coaching program, I will help to empower you to get to a position where you become even stronger than before.

As your coach, I will:

- Partner with you and be your support, guide and accountability partner so you don’t have to walk alone.

- Show you how to nurture who you are at your core so you can begin to create a fulfilling life.

- Help you access your inner power that will ultimately help to empower and transform your life

-Help you to make necessary changes that will help you grow into becoming your best self ever!

-Help you clear the limiting beliefs that have been getting in your way and replace them with empowering beliefs that will help you to move past your situation

-Help you to become even stronger than before by equipping you with the necessary tools that will promote your growth and help you to overcome your current challenges with stride

I am ready to help you create a plan that will help you to overcome the challenges that you are going through so you can live a more empowered life


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.


I offer  phone and /or Skype sessions

I  also offer a free sample session to help you determine if we are a good fit before we start a coaching relationship.


Experience, Certifications and Training

  • MBA
  • Certified Professional Coach (CPC)
  • Energy Leadership Index–Master Practitioner (ELI-MP)
  • Family Resiliency Certification
  • Anger Management Certification
  • Mental First Aid Certification

Fee description

Fees: from $75 USD to $1000 USD

I offer individual coaching sessions beginning at $75 per session.  If you plan to work with me, it's best to purchase a coaching package.   I offer a 3 month package for $1000.


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