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S. M. Spencer

Professional Life Coach  
Houston, Texas, United States
I take priority in providing clients with the knowledge, support, and guidance to improve their life

About me

I am a Certified Life Coach, I do what I love to do the most, provide support, guidance, mentoring, and educational services to empower individuals who lives have beem impact by personal challenges and obstacles with the ability to improve their well-being and motivation to make a change.

I retired about 8 years ago with 25+ years of experience as a Professional Licensed Counselor with a background in Mental Health & Substance Abuse to include facilitating educational and informative groups, 1:1 sessions with clients, facilitating on-line classes and Business Management (supervision and customer service productivity).



  • Life Coach (personal challenges, obstacles & struggles) –Positive habits

  • Motivation, (Motivating Empowerment)

  • Goal Setting & Planning

  • Transition – Moving on -The creative process of discovering the New Beginning An ending (letting go of a situation), ending a relationship, break-up, divorce.  A neutral zone (the confusing or distressing area of in betweenness)  A new beginning (launching into a new situation) relationship, new job, etc.

  • Mentor Support for Professionals/Coaches

  • Performance (Improving Productivity) – You will learn the essential elements of productivity and the productivity and performance life cycle from identifying interpersonal skills to planning and managing goals, to empower individuals with the knowledge to improve career and works habits.

Coaching with me


My coaching strategies and goals create , measure and produce desired outcome.

Coaching Strategies and Monitoring Process

I establish the appropriate couching strategy that produces key results! Before the coaching process begins, I work with the client to create a specialized coaching plan.

I use the objectives and key results approach to set measurable goals.

I adapt and adjust the coaching strategy as needed to ensure I deliver value on an ongoing basis for continuous improvement.

I work With clients to create an Impact Assessment that clearly links the clients coaching plan to specific personal outcomes.

Establish Desired Outcomes And Develop the Monitoring Process. In partnership with clients, we develop the process to monitor progress throughout the contract period. We then regularly track progress against those outcomes and adjust the process, if needed to create the desired outcome.

I invite my clients to fully explore the impact and importance of achieving their defined goals. Assessments and surveys are employed to monitor progress.

In partnership with clients, we set goals, establish key performance indicators at the beginning, and measure progress throughout the coaching contract. 

To include 25+ years prior experience and Accomplishments:

Developed methods to produce effective learning experiences for the Women & Children’s program, clients improved their inter-relationships with their children and family members.

Developed and facilitated HIV awareness focus groups, clients 6 months follow-up sessions reveiled the percentage of safe sex practices had increased by 70%.



The coaching style and structure I use is determined by the individuals and /or group participants specfic needs such as:

  • Solution-focused -- Straighforward, focus on solutions and highly future focused.

  • Direct Coaching -  straightforward

  • Empowerment - self-concept and motivation.

The program 1:1 session & group styles vary:

  • Open Coaching Group -  individuals who are already advanced in their skills. 

  • General Coaching Group - Participants have similar goals

  • Structured Coaching Group - Content in group is the main purpose of the group.

I perferred to teach a structured coaching group program. The entire group works on the same goals (usually at the same pace) through a concrete, structured, step-by-step program designed
to achieve specific results.



Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.


I offer several 1:1 coaching packages, which are tailored to address client’s specialized needs:

1:1 private sessions are 1.0 in duration via zoho or Zoom, however by phone if requested.


  • Coaching assessment & evaluation

  • Phone support during office hours.

  • Access to support and feedback.

  • Access to additional  on-line learning courses, learning material & resources.

  • All material provided.


  • The ability to develop a plan to achieve a personal or professional milestone.

  • Explore the areas of opportunity that identifies struggles and obstacles.

  • Identify the techniques of the goal-setting process to overcome challenges.

  • Establish measurable, achievable, time-bound action steps for achieving goals.

  • Identify and utilize techniques to promote and maintain motivation to stay on track.

Affordable discounted fee, this package includes a payment plan. The duration of this program is determined according to the specific needs of the clients. 


On-line coaching allows clients to access my services nationwide. I offer 1:1 sessions, mutil-sessions packages and group coaching, via zoho and Zoom.

Short courses or group coaching

Although 1:1 coaching session offer a client a personal and private environment, coaching groups offer the most support. Life coaching in a group setting can be incredibly positive.

Participants take more accountability, are energized by one another, and gain access to invaluable life coaching tools. It is also a valuable opportunity to learn life lessons from the group’s collective wisdom involving networking, brainstorming, and learning from shared experiences.

I offer several group coaching packages, which are tailored to address client’s specialized needs: Most of the group coachng programs are interactive with assigned on-line courses.


  • 90 minutes via zoho meeting (according to program) .

  • Coaching assessment & evaluation

  • Phone support during office hours.

  • Access to 1:1 coaching session if needed via zoom or Zoho (appointment only)

  • Access to group support and feedback.

  • Access to specialized lectures, group exercises & learning material.

  • Access to on-line learning courses & resources

Ongoing training

On-going training consists of continued client support, and mentorship. 

My services also includes  on-going services to give clients access to on-line classes.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Certified Anger Management Therapist
  • Certificate of Academic Excellence - Certification to Teach On-line
  • Chemical Dependency and Mental Health Counselor (LCDC)
  • License Professional Counselor (LPC)
  • University of Illinois - BA. Women Studies and Philosophy
  • Professional Life Coach Accredited Certification
  • HIPAA Training
  • Human Participants Protection Education
  • Cross-Cultural Communication

My coaching purpose is to assist individuals to gain the ability to define and establish realistic achievable goals, develop a plan for reaching their goals, define and utilize motivation techniques to keep on track.

I take priorty in providing guidance, memtorship, facilitating educational services to empower individuals with the ability to improve their self-comcept, self-confidence, self-esteem, techniques to define and utilize life-skills.

I have the ability to adapt to different situations and personalities so I can make sure I apply the most effective coaching practices for each specific client. 

The life skills and techniques I have learned and developed to overcome my personal life challenges and obstacles I encountered, was shared with other individuals who were empowered with the ability to improve their lifestyle and they gain the motivation to make a change.

Fee description

Fees: from $40 USD to $400 USD

 Affordable discounted fees, with payment plans and coupons.  Learning material, assignments and program schedule and outline provided.

Packages and offers including discounted fees, will be discussed during our free 45 min scheduled discover session. 


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