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Sara Armour

Life Coaching, Creativity & Comedy 
Brooklyn, New York, United States
Lighten up your life! Tune into your voice, challenge the status quo & learn to laugh along the way

About me

I'm Sara Armour. I'm a life coach and a comedian.

I'm as judgmental as you, insecure as you, and as afraid I-might- be-the-greatest-of-all-time as you. My mother thinks I'm a star. I have been vision boarding since birth.

I did stand-up once in high school, and again in college and then not again for 7 years. I went to film school for screenwriting and then therapy for writers block. I always knew what I wanted to do but couldn't seem to do it. I spent years visualizing my Emmy/Oscar/Tony/Globe/Woman of the Year/Man of the Year acceptance speech and yet wasn't doing any of the actual work to get there. Then I'd judge myself for not doing the work, be jealous of entertainers who were ahead of me, and then lie to myself that I COULD REALLY BE GOOD AT SELLING HIGH END REAL ESTATE and scream at my Mom when she'd encourage me to get back on stage.

Then I got set up with a coach. It was for free, as a favor to a friend.

I cried for an hour about comedy. And my ego. And I couldn't hide any longer. I had to perform. It's part of my life's work.

The other part is coaching. After my world was rocked and I started performing comedy, I realized I also wanted to give others the gift of themselves. I trained with Accomplishment Coaching and now I have a private practice that I love, helping people do what they love.

What are you avoiding? Why don't we just get to work?

Yeah fear, ego, money, I know, I know.

It's a lot of trial and error. Not always easy or perfect -- but perfect is boring. When things get messy, I see it as a gift. It's all material.

Coaching with me

Clients of mine have all achieved greater happiness!! Some have quit their day jobs, fallen in love and gotten married, sold book deals, sold TV pilots, started performing stand-up comedy, started producing comedy shows, started podcasts, attracted entertainment agents and management, and defined their own processes for accessing spirituality and self-care.
One-one-one for an hour, or in small groups, we talk. I ask questions and reflect all parts of you back to yourself -- even the parts that are hard for you to be with. We call out patterns, explore any hurts or beliefs that are holding you back, and dare to do things we thought we'd never do. I will always help you laugh at yourself and the world, and I will always be there when you need a good cry, pep talk, or kick in the pants. Let's team up and change your life.


60 minute phone calls once a week. We set a contract based on what your goals and timeline are.
Short courses or group coaching
Comedy Camp: This 6-month virtual small group coaching program is designed specifically for people with a current comedy project that they want to accelerate/be in the process with other creatives in a supportive way. All levels welcome. Perfect for someone who wants to get started doing stand-up or take their stand-up to the next level, work on their one-person show, book, script, film, whatever!

Camp Cupid: Six month small group program where we focus on your heart and soul. We'll start by evaluating your life in terms of love -- are you loving your mind? your body? Your work? Do you love how you spend your time? Do you love your home? Could your relationships be more loving? Could your love life be juicer? Could your sex life be revamped? Then we'll spend 6-month's together making sure that by this time next year, you are deeply satisfied.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Accomplishment Coaching Certification

Fee description

Fees: from $300 USD to $1000 USD

$300/month for small group coaching programs. $1000/month for 1:1 coaching, $800/month for 1:1 coaching with a 6 month contract or longer.


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