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Sean Sprigle

LPCC, MS MHC, spiritual coach 
Los Angeles, California, United States
I am a professional clinical counselor, spiritual mentor and guide, and all around healer
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OFFERINGS: Private coaching

FEES from $199 USD to $3580 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

My life's journey has gone from one end of the spectrum to another. I started out in a dysfunctional home, endured a childhood full of trauma, loneliness, and fear, which led me to substance abuse, PTSD, and having no positive direction in life. Recovering from these struggles has led me into spirituality as a means for healing, growth, strength, guidance, and connection. I have learned ways to connect directly with spirit guides, move and heal energies, obtain specific guidance, learn how and why the universe and life works, connect to past lives, shift unconscious blocks, increase manifestation abilities, and generally get all the answers and help I need. I am excited to be able to help you do the same! I am a trained and licensed therapist and have specialized in trauma, addiction, codapendency, and dysfunctional family dynamics, so I have those skills to call on if something from your past seems to be blocking your spiritual growth. I am excited to meet you, guide you, and show my unconditional love for you!

Coaching with me


I can help my clients achieve peace, freedom, inner strength, transforming negative emotions into positive ones, more satisfying relationships, increased contentment, self love and a positive self image.


Initially, I will ask questions in order to understand you, your current life circumstances, what you're hoping to achieve, and how we can get there together. After that, we will transition into one of several different paths and begin focusing on the specific skills, exercises, and methods that will help bring about the desired change or knowledge.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.


I offer individual coaching sessions, typically lasting for 50 minutes each. Sessions are conducted via video chat or phone call (your choice), which means that I can work with you regardless of where you are on the planet! I offer both individual sessions as well as packages. The session type will largely be determined by what you're looking for help and guidance with - it can range from guided imagery connecting you with your spirit guides, self tapping to shift and change energies, to talking about my own mind expanding experiences as a means to help you increase your conscious awareness of your intuitive inner guidance system, and many other wonderful and life changing experiences that are waiting for you. You just need to book an initial session with me to find out!

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing certification
  • Comprehensive resource model certification
  • Masters degree in mental health counseling
  • Professional clinical counseling
  • Internal family systems certification

Fee description

Fees: from $199 USD to $3580 USD

A one-on-one coaching session lasting 50 minutes costs $199, but packages can be purchased up front which reduce the cost of sessions. 

1 session: $199

5 sessions: $895 (saves $100)

10 sessions: $1790 (saves $200)

20 sessions: $3580 (saves $400)


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