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Shalon Miles

Grief Coach Navigator 
Denver, Colorado, United States
Real life experiences with losing a loved one and how I overcame life challenges that came myway

About me

One thing that hit home is when I lost my first love in a car accident where he died at the scene. I can say that was one of the most painful moments of my life, there were times I didn't want to be on this earth, I even try to take my own life because I felt I couldn't take the pain any longer! That's when I noticed hey I'm losing myself and I need some support but guess what I didn't have anybody to help me through this, no one knew the pain I felt at that time. I was alone and didn't know what to do. After, some time things started to get better and I started to learn different ways to cope and what to do at times I was really sad. That's when it hit me hey there's other people in the same position that I once was in that need help and support that I can share my tools and experience with that help me get by the most hardest time of my life.


My 1:1 is an 1hr long where we set tools and strategies that help you personally with the situation your going through. Each session we will set a goal to go by it until the next session. I offer 5 session for a starter pack if you need more individual session we can set you as a gold pack.
I offer online coaching and over the phone, each session 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the client needs.
Short courses or group coaching
I offer 1 hour groups session that hold 5-8 people in the group. I like to set small groups because we're able to interact with each on a personal level and give each other feed back and tools that may help one another.
Ongoing training
I offer a gold pack this gold pack offers a 3 month package where I can set 2 session in 1 week for 1 hour each time. The gold plan offers more support and more tools that can help you in area where you feel your struggling at the most.

Fee description

Fees: from $30 USD to $150 USD


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