lifecoach $174 USD Shan White Shan White Shan specializes in working with women in preventing or recovering from the heartache of divorce.
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Shan White

Divorce Prevention & Recovery Coach 
Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States
Shan specializes in working with women in preventing or recovering from the heartache of divorce.
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About me

Shan is a certified life coach from the official Tony Robbins School: Robbins-Madanes Coaching Training. What separates her from the normal “run of the mill” coach is that she is trained, at a master’s level, to get results that are quicker and more sustainable through the advanced techniques of strategic intervention coaching.

She specializes in “all things divorce”. There are two sides of the divorce coin. The first is preventing divorce from happening in the first place, known as “Divorce Prevention Coaching”. In this case, we work together on marital problems, even when their partner is not on board.

The second side of the divorce coin is recovering from a divorce that has already happened, known as “Divorce Recovery Coaching”. In this case, Shan works with helping women to heal themselves from the trauma of divorce becoming whole again from the inside out.

Coaching with me

Shan's mission is two-fold:

1) To help women heal their marriage and thus prevent the heartache of divorce which can negatively affect every area of their life.

2) To help women heal themselves’ from the trauma of divorce by putting their lives back together piece by piece.

The end goal for both is so they can "create the life they see, when they close their eye and dream".
When is the last time someone sat down with you to understand your history, your dreams, hopes, desires, goals, values, key relationships and aligned with to assist you in achieving what’s most important to you in your life? And had the tools to help accelerate you on the path to what you most want to achieve?

Coaching can work for you because it is both customized and sustainable. It’s customized to your own unique and specific needs. It’s sustainable because it is not about giving you advice.

Rather, it is about exploring options, possibilities, and new choices; perhaps not considered before. Then, it’s about designing an action plan and being accountable for the results.


Three, Six and Twelve month coaching packages are available with your choice of:

Twice a month: [90 minute sessions]
Three times a month: [ (2) 45 minutes sessions & (1) 90 minute session]
Four times a month: [45 minute sessions]
Coaching sessions are available in person, over the phone, or on the internet.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Certified in Divorce Prevention
  • Certified in Marriage Education
  • Certified Life Coach and Strategic Interventionist
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) aka
  • Recovering from Divorce
Shan knows divorce all too well. She experienced the devastation and destruction of divorce when her husband at the time "checked out". He quit his job, sold his car and all his personal possessions, cashed in his 401K and got on a plane with the clothes on his back and never returned.

As a result of her personal pain, she became a certified life coach so she could help other women prevent a divorce if at all possible.

If it's not possible, her mission is to help other women avoid the unnecessary pitfalls that inevitably come from going through a divorce without working with a trained professional.

Fee description

Fees: from $156 USD to $174 USD

Each coaching package is $695.00 per month.

Clients have the option to pay on a monthly basis or
they may choose to pay for the 3, 6, or 12 month package
in advance and enjoy a 10% discount for doing so.


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