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I focus on encouraging women to reclaim their health by helping them to connect with themselves through self-care. I’m not talking about the brand-new shoes and purses self-care, I’m talking about the mind, body, and soul self-care that is found deep within self-love.
I am a tell it like it is supportive, non-judgmental, encouraging, make you work for it, fun, hold you accountable with love type of coach.


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Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Board Certified Nutrition Professional (NANP)
  • Behavioral Change Specialist (NASM)
  • Nutritional Fitness Specialist (NASM)
  • Life Coach certification
  • Holistic Nutrition Practitioner Degree
At the age of 17, I decided that I did not want to be angry at the world anymore. I was quick to anger and loved to fight. I knew that would only lead to two things prison and/or and early death. I was battling with the rejection of my father, molestation at the age of 10, feeling let down by every adult involved in my care. As I grew into life, I made some good and bad changes that lead me to where I am now. It was hard work and it took a lot of personal growth, pride swallowing and ego abandoning work. I've walked out of bad friendships, jobs, and love...and into my best self. Like you, I am a work in progress and will always be because that's how growth works. A stay-at-home-mom of 3, I decided to reconnect with myself and I got back into school, focused on my health and finally got the diagnoses of Hashimotos Thyroid disease (took 12 years). Once I decided that my health, life, and care all belonged to me my healing mind, body, and soul began.


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  • Life coaching Coaching coach, life coach,business coach, coaching, life coaching, self help, personal development Coaching with Shawntel Jones TJ | February 02, 2017
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    The Best

    She is truly amazing and has helped me get back to my dreams and goals. I recommend her 10,000%.


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