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Shayna Lee

Life/Career Planning Strategist  
NYC, New York, United States
A Coach and Strategist focused on inspiring people to manifest professional and/or personal changes

About me

I coach people to discover their true passion and purpose in life. I practice an ontological coaching approach which means putting the “why” before the “what”. In other words, I help you discover how you want to feel (i.e. happy, independent, empowered, creative, peaceful, passionate etc.) and then you decide what changes you want to make in your life that will result in those feelings.

My key strength is inspiring my clients to action. I hold you accountable and inspire you to take action toward achieving your goals. Coaching is equal parts dreaming and doing, with the shared goal of you manifesting the change you want in your life.

Coaching with me

Motivation and support to dig yourself out of this personal/professional rut.

•Accountability around your action steps.

•Focus and planning your personal/ professional growth strategies.

•Pushing past your fears and resistance when it comes to change.

•Shifting the limiting beliefs that dictate how change will impact your life.

•Making more time for what you love so you can feel balance and clarity in your life.
In the Coaching component of my services,
•YOU, the client are the expert in your own life.
•YOU, decide what you want to do.
•YOU establish your goals.
•YOU make those changes happen.
As your coach, I help you hone in on or discover what professional or personal changes you want to make.
I hold you accountable and inspire you to take action toward achieving your goals.


For Optimal Success: Premium Program (6 month commitment)•​Career transition/Professional Advancement/Personal Growth

•Aspiring Entrepreneurship
•Significant shifts in any/all areas of life (livelihood, lifestyle, family, wellness, creativity, relationships, spirituality).​

Enrollment Includes:
•Special Gift: New Client Tool Kit
•1st Session is Free: 90 minute introductory call
•25% off total package: If paid in full
Monthly Services include:•(3) 1 hour Coaching Calls (1 per week): Tailored around your personalized coaching requests. I will also customize assignments for you to complete in between sessions.
•(1) 75 minute Planning Call (per month): Planning sessions that get down to the nitty gritty of “do what”? “by when”? We will use this time to clarify your vision, document your desires and work from a plan that outlines the action steps required for you to achieve your goals.
•90 minutes of Strategy Consulting Services (per month): As your consultant around career change or life planning you can pick my brain for resources and tools that will enhance your action steps and advance your goals. I will also review the work you complete in between sessions and provide expert guidance and feedback.
•(1) 3 hour Intensive: Mid-point Coach/Planning Session (per program) in-person if available: During this session we will discuss your experience half-way through the program and address any needs or interests you want to explore. We will also review your progress, map out your second stage steps and dive deep into best practices that will maximize your program plan and move you closer to your goals.
•Text and E-mail support (on-going)​​
Short courses or group coaching
WORKSHOP SERIES (Private group sessions available in NYC)
Timeframe: (3) 2 hour sessions (1 per week)
•Goal: Lay the foundation for your dream life
•Topics: •Session 1: Discover your career desires and purpose
•Session: 2 Identify your dream professional pursuits
•Session 3: Create "Inspired Action" steps (Do what? By when?)

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Masters Degree in Political Science
  • Innovative Management Certification
  • IGC Coach Training Network
Strategy and program development professional with over 10 years of experience designing and delivering professional development and educational training programs in New York City government agencies. Served as program director for numerous public/private sector initiatives that created workforce development programs to scale.

Fee description

Fees: from $800 USD to $1200 USD

Per month


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