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Shelly Madigan

MS. PSy., MA.C., LC, GC, CCTP-I, OM 
PHOENIX, Arizona, United States
I specialize in grief/bereavement coaching and empowering individuals to move forward after a loss i
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FEES from $100 USD to $6000 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

Hello! I'm Shelly, I am passionate about helping others find their best self and to live life to the fullest. I work with my clients to help them achieve the goals they set for themselves. 


I have a Master's in Psychology and minor in Life Coaching, a Master's in Communication and Education, a graduate certificate in Life Coaching, a Grief and Bereavement Counseling certification, (CCTP-I) Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (Individuals), and certified Gestalt therapist.

Coaching with me


What can coaching do for you?

  • Help you to find your purpose in life

  • Helps to improve your relationships at work and home

  • Overcome obstacles and be more productive, successful, and happy

  • Help to improve your self-esteem, confidence, strengths and weaknesses

  • Teaches you how to be resilient and to cope with life changes

  • Teaches you how to be your best self everyday

  • Provides a safe place where you can come and be yourself


I use an open flexible style of coaching that is the solely focused on you. The coaching packages are a guide to help the client get from point A (the problem) to point B (the solution or goal), but are not set in stone. This is about you. Your problems and your goals. I am mearly a professional guide/coach here to teach you the skills to reach those goals. 


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.


We all go through loss of some type in our lives. The loss of a loved one, the loss of a job, marriage, children (empty nesters), future, etc. Often times people who experience loss find themselves struggling to move forward in life.

Grief can cause one to be afraid to make new relationships, cause one to be angry at others or themself, and if left untreated can lead to serious issues like depression, trouble sleeping, eating disorders, anger issues, and even suicide,

My coaching services can help you come to terms with your loss, to forgive if needed, and move forward to living an empowered life. 

I offer individual coaching sessions and packages. 

  • Individual Sessions- $100 per 45min. session. Individual sessions are great if the client just needs some guideance for a particular life event that is coming up. 

  • Grief Coaching Package- $500 for 6 45min. sessions, 1 session a week for 6 weeks. This package is six sessions and follows Elizabeth Kubler-Ross' five stages of grief and David Kessler's 6th stage of grief. A custom made coaching plan is created for each client. In each session one stage is addressed and support activities and resources are provided each week. 

  • Empowerment Package- $400 for 4 45 min. sessions, 1 session a week for 4 weeks. This package is designed for anyone who just feels lost! It especially designed for those struggling with any of the following: low self-esteem, motivation, finding your purpose, being resilient, maintaining happiness, etc. then this package is for you! It's designed to help those who want more out of their life, but just don't know how to find it. This package includes skill building where the client learns their strenghts and weaknesses and builds on them creating resiliency, a key component in empowerment. 

  • Trauma Coaching- $100 for a 45min. session. This package is flexable and there is no set timeline. It is specifically designed for those who have experience trauma and are having a hard time moving forward with life. Some examples that fall under trauma include spousal or relationship abuse, divorce, near-death experiences, and other traumatic events. This is not to be confused with trauma therapy which is more intense and must be provided by a licensed counselor or psychologist. We focus on building skills that can help you move forward with your life. 


*all packages include a free 30-minute phone or video follow-up session.


I offer online coaching only at this time.

Short courses or group coaching

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Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Master of Arts in Communication Education
  • Certified Grief and Bereavement Counselor
  • CCTP-I
  • Ordained Minister
  • Master Certification in Life Coaching
  • Gestalt therapy
  • Christian Counseling
  • Geropsychology

I spent over 20 years working in health care as a caregiver/medical assistant in an Assisted Living working closely with many local hospices. I loved working with the elderly and made many dear friends. I have experieced grief and the loss of a loved one. I been there when they took their last breath. I was there to comfort the families and my co-workers at times. However, I wanted to do more to help people going such a difficult time. I felt a strong calling on my life to care for the dying and the grieving. So over the course of many years I become an ordained minister, then a grief and bereavement counselor, trauma counselor, then a life coach. My hope is to help others who are going through one of the most difficult times in their life and come out the otherside hopeful for the future and moving toward empowerment.

Fee description

Fees: from $100 USD to $6000 USD

I charge $100 per session. Professional speaking engagements fees vary. And lastly Employee Assistance Programs for businesses are based on number of employees. See our services page for more information. 


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