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Shepard T Drawbaugh

Palm City, Florida, United States
Life coach Hypnotherapist
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About me

I have had a passion for psychology and how the mind works at a young age. I studied psychology and sociology in college. After college, I studied more psychology and motivational books and seminars. After several businesses of varying success, I became aware of how important working with a passion rather than focusing on money. 

As an entrepreneur, I leveraged technology and light coding to development many online businesses. But over time even with larger incomes, I found no joy in chasing money. 


Then I returned to mental health and committed to helping others. Along my journey to help others I found more patterns of behavior in myself that were not self serving. This lead me to hypnosis and mediation which led me to understand the hidden subroutines that allow humans to function.


Define Subroutine: a set of instructions designed to perform a frequently used operation within a program.

It is supposed the average human only uses 8% to 10% of the brain. I believe 90% of the brian is used to store and process subroutines. This theory can support why 'effort' alone is not enough for acquiring one's Best Life. 


I have cleared 90% of my non-self-serving subroutines and helping others do the same is paramount to completing my remaining adjustments. The deeper subroutines are only found while helping others.












We must not hate our 'brokenness' but accept and love the brokenness that thas made us. Then with love in the process, we monitor, reframe, and input self-serving subroutines.

Each person is different in their beliefs. Some are very religious others are against religion. Others are very logical or emotional. No matter the current belief system it is important to respect and work within these paradigms with love and respect. Even a drug addict living on the street is to be loved and respected in order to reprogram. Shame and guilt continue to reinforce non-self-serving subroutines. 

Hate and condemnation create new non-self-serving routines.  Many of us find our environment and relationships can pull us down and when we improve ourself our loved ones can resist and push to have us back to 'normal'. It is possible to keep them in your life while you work on the process but it will require more work. The benefit of keeping these loved ones in our life is we learn forgiveness in leaps and bounds which ultimately allows self-love and self-forgiveness. 

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Fees: from $75 USD to $300 USD


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