lifecoach Shimona Tzukernik Shimona Tzukernik Shimona is considered one of the foremost female authorities on Kabbalah that applies to daily life.
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Shimona Tzukernik

Brooklyn, New York, United States

Shimona is considered one of the foremost female authorities on Kabbalah that applies to daily life.

About me

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve been frustrated with your existence. You probably don’t think about it too often though because you’re too busy with…life.

You’re driven, certainly; but you never seem to arrive. You try to be positive. You don’t like to complain, so you stay the course and bumble along. But in those rare quiet moments, your backburner life creeps up on you. The “what if’s,” and “if only’s” make you restless, wondering what might happen if you really did pursue your deepest desires. You sense a reservoir of untapped potential within you. And you’ve spent time and money trying to access it – surfing the web; reading self-help books; participating in webinars; talking with friends or advisors – yet things remain the same. You’re finding a lot of inspiration out there…But very little transformation.

Coaching with me


Rooted in ancient mystical teachings, The Method for Self-Mastery is remarkably simple and relevant to our every-day life in the twenty-first century. You’ll discover inside-out solutions with a practical approach to personal transformation. Through The Method, you will

Learn what Kabbalah is and how it can help you lead a more purpose-driven life.
Discover the obstacles and steps to Healing.Be Inspired
Explore your Soul Map – the landscape of the human psyche – and learn problem-solving skills using the Sefirotic Hats technique.
Face the questions of Identity (“Who am I?”) and Purpose (“Why am I?”)
Delve into the process of Creation as the blueprint for unblocking yourself facing your Furthest Fears and discovering your Deepest Desires.
Examine the six factors of nature and nurture that define and bind us, develop the Vision necessary to meet the challenges and even use them to your advantage.
Explore the origins of self-exile and gain the tools for true Freedom.
Look at interpersonal relationships and develop the core principles for meaningful Connection.
Apply these principles through the Roadmap, bringing it all to full Actualization so that you can live the life you were meant to lead.
Create a career as Method practitioner by becoming a Certified Kabbalah Coach and spreading the transformation of The Method to others.

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