lifecoach $400 USD Shirley Marie Spencer Shirley Marie Spencer I take priority in proving clients support and guidance to improve their well-being.
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Shirley Marie Spencer

Certified Life and Motivation Coach 
Houston, Texas, United States
I take priority in proving clients support and guidance to improve their well-being.
Life coach Motivational coach

FEES from $40 USD to $400 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

Prior to 1993 I pursued careers in the Banking industry and corporate America. I later pursued a degree and an career in Mental Health and Substance abuse. I have 25+ years of experience faciliticiating groups, conducting 1:1 with clients and teaching on-line classess. 

After my retirement a few years ago. I return back to school and obtained my cerficication and became a Cerfified Life Coach.

I do what I love the most, to provide guidance, mentoring, teaching, and educational services to empower individuals with the ability to utilize their life skills to overcome the personal life challenges and obstacles that impact their lives and the motivation to make a change.

The life skills and techniques I have learned and used to overcome life challenges and obstacles I have encountered, will empower individuals with the ability to improve their lifestyle and gain the motivation to make a change.

I take priority in providing support, and guidance to empower individuals with the ability to improve their well-being.


My expertise includes but not limited to:

  • Life Coach (personal challenges, obstacles & struggles

  • Motivation, (Motivating Empowerment)

  •  Stress Management,

  •  Goal Achievement ( areas of personal, business and financial goals).

  •  Personal Development (empower self-confidence and improve well-  being)

  • Relationships – Moving on-The Transition


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.


I offer several types of packages, which are tailored according to client's specialized needs

·        one-on-one private sessions are appointment only

Private session are 1.0 in length.
The duration of the programs are determined by the clients needs, and may be from 6 weeks to 6 months or longer.



  • The ability to develop a plan to achieve a personal or professional milestone.

  • Explore the areas of opportunity that identifies struggles and obstacles.

  • Identify the techniques of the goal-setting process to overcome challenges.

  • Establish measurable, achievable, time-bound action steps for achieving goals.

  • Identify and utilize techniques to promote and maintain motivation to stay on track.



  •  1.0 private coaching sessions via zoom meeting or phone.

  •  Coaching assessment & evaluation

  •  Phone support during office hours.

  •  Access to support and feedback.

  •  Access to additional  on-line learning courses, learning material & resources.

  • All material provided.


All services are on line via zoom, however clients may call the office 24/7 and leave a message after office hours, which vary. Office hours are avaliable in the scheduling session and disclosed on office recorder.

Clients are automally send a link to acess zoom before scheduled appointment or scheduled group.

Upon enrollment for choosen program, clients will receive a program outline with details meeting schedules and assignments, and assignments are discuss as part of group participantion. 


1:1 sessions - clients can request sessions to be conducted by zoom or via phone. 

Short courses or group coaching

Life coaching in a group setting can be incredibly positive. Participants take more accountability, are energized by one another, and gain access to invaluable life coaching tools. It is also a valuable opportunity to learn life lessons from the group’s collective wisdom involving networking, brainstorming, and learning from shared experiences.    
Coaching Groups – Duration is from 6 weeks to 4 months, or  according to the specialized program.
Coaching Groups & 1:1 private sessions combination – clients attend scheduled private sessions and in addition they attend scheduled Coaching Groups.
The duration of each coaching group program and combination sessions are determined according to the specific needs of the group or/and client.



90-120  minutes group zoom meetings as assigned
groups are scheduled 1Xweek or as listed in program outline
phone support during office hours
access to 1:1 coaching session if needed
access to group support and feedback
access to specialzed on-line interactive courses (no extra charge)
all learning material provided.

Ongoing training

30 days following the completion of selected programs a 30 - 60 minutes follow-up appointment is scheduled with clients to access their progress and evaluation for further or on-going services, either by phone or via zoom. 

Clients are given the opportunity to particpate in on-line learning, Some courses are self-pace and some have a time limit to complete. All fees are affortable. Most or all program packages have payment plans and coupons that offer additional discounts.

Please note fees are determined according to the course specialized program. offered.


Fee description

Fees: from $40 USD to $400 USD

The fees are determined according to the duration and content of the program, and may range from 40-200 for the entire program. 

The payment plan may be as follows: program is for 6 weeks, example

180.00 for entrie program, paying at enrollment 45.00, 3 payments are left and due every other week for 45.00.

Or client can pay in full at the time of enrollment. In some cases coupons may be available to offer a discount.


Payments for private sessions are due before each sessions, unless the session is part of a package, such as the combination package.


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