lifecoach $190 USD Sia Kal Sia Kal If results are important to you, then I am your life-coach! The power within you is awaiting to be.
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Sia Kal

Beverly Hills, California, United States
If results are important to you, then I am your life-coach! The power within you is awaiting to be.
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FEES from $75 USD to $190 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

My formal education to counsel clients began in law school where I developed my interest in providing practical insight to anyone who was looking to receive good advice. Witnessing the results of my clients who had followed my advice encouraged me to focus in this discipline. I have had the pleasure of life-coaching individuals of various walks of life and businesses from a variety of industries for over a decade. I have received my Juris Doctor and attended various client counseling training programs with focus on results. I have worked with individuals facing all kinds of dilemmas from their careers, marriages, and relationships, to helping them change behavior and balance life. My business clients include struggling start-ups, middle market companies looking to go to the next level and Fortune 500s dealing with company culture and HR issues.


Private coaching sessions are done in person. They take place at client's home, and sometimes other locations convenient for the client. Private in person coaching sessions are a minimum of 1 hour. I recommend 2 for the best results.
No matter where in the world you are our coaching services are available to you through the convenience of phone, Skype, Facetime or any other remote method preferred by you. The following services are available remotely:

Life Coaching Marriage Counseling Relationship Coaching
Career Coaching Business Consulting Dating Coaching
Health Coaching Spiritual Coaching Premarital Counseling

You will receive the same personal service in the convenience of your home or any other place you have a computer or a smart-phone with you. Many clients who are local still opt to receive their sessions remotely for convenience. Have your first free session by phone or online and see how you feel about it!
Short courses or group coaching
There are several short courses or group session available for corporate clients. The objective for these sessions is to bring about the best from each individual for the greater good of the company.
Ongoing training
Ongoing training is an integral part of any life coaching. Best results are usually reached with on going systematic training/coaching. Usually once a week is sufficient to produce ideal results.

Fee description

Fees: from $75 USD to $190 USD

First sessions for our individual clients are always FREE and they are 1 hour long with no obligation whatsoever. We are confidant that you will fall in love with your coaching session and continue to ask for more. If not, no problem, we are glad to be of some counsel to you even for a short time.

For individual clients the hourly rate is based on your income level. This is to ensure you an affordable rate. Typically our hourly rates vary from $75 to $110 an hour depending on your income level.

Our business clients are charged $190 an hour for small businesses and $350 hour for med to large size businesses.


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