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Surraine Bascome

Harrison, New Jersey, United States
Certified Life Coach Specializing in Personal Empowerment and Change Management.
Life coach Success coach

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About me

I am a Transformational Coach, Educator, and Trainer specializing in Personal Empowerment, and Change Management. I put it in caps because, to me, it’s that integral. Perhaps the greatest tragedy in life is that, in spite of all the physical pain, obstacles, and limitations to which each of our lives is subject to some extent, it is often our own limited perspectives, hang ups, and fears that pose the greatest obstacles to our happiness – as they blind us to our ability to overcome our personal challenges.
I often conceptualize life (in general) as a journey or odyssey – one in which we may not necessarily end up where we thought we wanted to go, but if we continue to steer ourselves in the direction of our dreams and keep adjusting course toward our true north, we might just end up where we need to be. And maybe have some fantastic adventures along the way…

I am driven by a passion for helping my clients perceive the fantastic in what many of them see as their own mundane or even underwhelming realities – for helping them re-write the script that they tell themselves about themselves and their own abilities. For helping them access and leverage their innate, internal magic and overcome the obstacles that (for the moment) confound them.

Coaching with me

True North: Starting the Journey

• Develop Clarity of Purpose
• Take control of your life through Core Self and Values Alignment.
• Create, Plan, and Implement your Ideal-Life Vision.
• Achieve lasting Lifestyle Enhancement
• Improve Life Management Skills.

Best Self - Best Life: Taking it to the next level.

• Short term, results driven interventions to attain specific outcomes.
• Higher level insight around strengths, desires, and goals.
• Greater decisional balancing and resource utilization skills.
• Greater resilience and motivational maintenance strategies.
• Stage-wise support for lasting life enhancement.

Whole-Life Management for Chronic Illness and Diff-Ability (Different Ability):

• Regain a sense of personal empowerment.
• Organize your life to work with – not around – your medical circumstances.
• Regain a sense of balance and autonomy in your day-to-day, inter-personal, and career settings.
• Find a voice to advocate for your needs and desires with friends, family, service and medical providers.
• Create and reshape existing relationships to be supportive of your personal changes.
• Identify your needs and mobilize your strengths, skills, and resources toward the attainment of your life vision.
• Discover how to continue on your life’s journey – toward a vision that may (for the moment) seem to elude you.

No matter what you want to achieve, it all begins with you - with who you are right here, right now. So that no matter what you want from life – whether you have a concrete idea of what you would like to improve or are starting out fresh with a general desire for change but need clarity about what that change should entail - the coaching process has something to offer everyone. And that is exactly where I start.

All 1-on-1 packages begin with an introductory strategy session, where I work with clients to create a coaching plan tailored to their specific interests, support needs, and best learning modalities. Especially with clients looking for change management services, earlier sessions often center around goal exploration and creating an action plan including specific objectives to bring those goals to fruition.

Clients and I meet for 1-2 hours weekly/bi-weekly, where we discuss progress and insights since the previous session as well as emergent goal related issues, and strategically design next action steps to pave their way toward the future. Along the way, clients have available to them a range of assessments, creative activities, and skill building exercises – such as journal assignments, brainstorming sessions, practical role play, and more.


Life Transformation Coaching
Life Vision Development
True North: Re-connecting to Self
Success Coaching for Chronic Illness / Different Ability
Ongoing training
Master of Social Work - NYU Silver School of Social Work
ADHD Coaching - Impact Coaching Academy

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Certified Professional Coach
  • Center for Practice Innovations
  • Impact Coaching Academy
Life Coach Training through Impact Coaching Academy

Motivational Interviewing, CBT for Coping Skills and Problem Solving, and Person Centered Treatment Planning through the Center For Practice Innovations.

My related skills and experience include: life skills training, client advocacy, crisis response, supportive counseling, and client centered life and wellness management for individuals with chronic illnesses, different abilities, and other particularly difficult life circumstances.

Fee description

Fees: from $75 USD to $2040 USD

Flexible pricing and multiple pricing tiers available. Inquire about whether you qualify for a discounted or reciprocal trade package.


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