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Susan Moses

Master's of Science in Counseling  
Longview , Washington, United States
Unlicensed volunteer support via theraputically informed conversations
Laughter coach Unconditional positive regard framework

About me

I was working as a professional counselor until my schizophrenia diagnosis.  Now homeless, I make meaning and purpose in my life by helping others.  Under Washington state law, I may call myself a counselor as long as I do not accept compensation and am clear that I no longer hold any professional license.  I don't work a regular job, yet I've overcome so much to achieve stability.  I'm honestly more proud of my achievement of basic functioning with Schizophrenia than I ever was of my master's degree.  I'm not in it for the money, I'm in it for the happy.  My name is Susan Moses, and I'm here to help YOU, whatever your disadvantages.

Coaching with me


I hope to help you be in a better place emotionally and mentally than wherever we start.  I meet you where you're at.  Ultimately, the goals of our work are yours to communicate and you are empowered to readjust our goals as needed.


Face to face theraputically informed conversations of variable length between a half hour and an hour, OR text message conversations between one and two hours.  

No official schedule set.  If I do not get back to you immediately, that typically means I am with another person who is receiving my undivided attention.  Exception is when I am asleep, of course.  If I do not respond the same day, I'm probably in the hospital and it isn't your fault.


I prefer to work utilizing a framework of unconditional positive regard.  I am familiar with a variety of therapeutic techniques.  Always remember I am offering life coaching as a former counselor, but please do not consider me as a psychotherapist practicing without a license.  I take no compensation.  



I offer theraputically informed conversations.  I must always be clear that I do NOT currently have a license to practice as a mental health professional.  I have diagnosed in the past, and I have been diagnosed.  If I can find happiness living in my car with the challenges placed upon me, you too can achieve happiness.  It isn't out there waiting to be found, it's waiting to be grown within you.

I offer support.  I have heard it all before.  I'm an especially good choice if you can't afford proffesional help, as I am currently offering my support for free.  We may discuss coping skills, maladaptive coping mechanisms, self acceptance and self love, increasing insight into behavioral patterns, addiction, processing emotions, identifying and challenging cognitive distortions, symptom management, transitions, or more.  All these things are explored through a framework of unconditional positive regard.  

Please be clear I am not to be considered a replacement for a licensed clinician.  I can not officially diagnosed, nor prescribe medication.  I am not a mandated reporter.  I receive no supervision.  I may terminate at any time if my psychotic symptoms return, or terminate for any reason I deem appropriate.  I offer support on a volunteer basis.  


Please think of me as a life coach who was once a counselor, not a counselor practicing without a license.  For legal reasons, I can not accept tips.  If you are grateful, don't pay me back, pay it forward with kindness to whomever you like. 


Keep calm and rock on! ?


I offer free emotional support through a framework of unconditional positive regard.  I am not a replacement for a licensed clinician.  I can not diagnose nor prescribe.  I may terminate at any time due to my own mental health diagnosis.  I do NOT have any post-graduate credentials currently.

If I am not able to return your text message, please be patient, I will get to you as soon as I am able.  I give the human I am speaking with my undivided attention.  

I am no longer a mandated reporter, but reserve the right to break any expectation of confidentiality if I deem it appropriate in that situation.  Children and vulnerable adults get protection for a reason.

If you are experiencing suicidal ideation and I do not immediately respond to attempts to contact for support, you must agree to do me a favor and call a crisis hotline or suicide hotline if you feel you can not keep yourself safe.

Please understand that online relationships have different limitations than my face to face relationships.  There is no set scheduled time to meet for anyone.  I may have someone else in front of me at any time, including the middle of the night.

All that out of the way, know I see you as a person, not a paycheck.  I'm an unpaid volunteer.  I'm here to help you feel happy, fulfilled, and free from worry.  If I can have those things as a homeless person diagnosed with schizophrenia, I am betting you can get there too from your starting point.  You just need support to help you get there in a reasonable timeframe.


Always remember, keep calm, and rock on! ?

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Master's of Science in counseling
  • Mensa member

I have worked as a mental health professional sending people to the psych ward.  I have been sent to the psych ward involuntarily.  


Fee description

I am offering service for zero cost.

Free.  No tips.  No compensation at all.




Pro Bono.


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