lifecoach $2500 USD Suzanne Anderson Suzanne Anderson Life can be profound, pleasurable & optimistic. It all starts with the decisions you make right now!
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Suzanne Anderson

Eden Prairie, Minnesota, United States
Life can be profound, pleasurable & optimistic. It all starts with the decisions you make right now!

About me

Life doesn’t have to be so complicated.

Suzanne Anderson believes in the simplicity and beauty of a life well-lived. As a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and Energy Leadershipâ„¢ Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP), Anderson helps others change their perspectives, manage emotions, and tap into their intuition in order to develop a vibrant, fresh outlook on life. With a positive and optimistic approach, she inspires each person to overcome challenges and reach his/her full potential.

Suzanne’s life coaching experience ranges from earning a life coach certification as well as becoming certified in Energy Leadership™ from the number one accredited life coaching school in North America—iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching). In addition, she completed an additional twelve hours of advanced Energy Leadership™ and has close to one hundred hours of telephonic coaching experience.

Suzanne currently owns a life-changing coaching business—The Coachables, LLC—where she helps a variety of people in their professional and personal lives in over 18 countries worldwide. Authentic, enthusiastic, and fully present, Anderson builds and fosters close-knit relationships and trust with others to create a safe, creative, and non-judgmental environment dedicated to passionate growth.

Suzanne wholeheartedly believes in Energy Leadershipâ„¢ and therefore utilizes the Energy Leadershipâ„¢ Index Assessment, which is a one-of-a-kind assessment, to help her clients shift their mindset so they can elevate their lives in performance and satisfaction.

Life can be profound, pleasurable, and optimistic. It all starts with the decisions you make right now.


And working with Suzanne Anderson is one of the best decisions you can make when it comes to a bright, colorful future for the life you were meant to live.

Coaching with me

I win only if you win. We are in this journey together and I will do everything I can to make sure you see measurable, realistic and empowering results.
THE SIMPLE TRUTH: I walk the talk and lead by example by modeling iPEC’s Foundation Principles and High Potential Concepts while strictly following ICF’s ethical guidelines and core competencies

Dedicated and Certified Life Coach with experience in health and fitness, life purpose, leadership and personal development. Educated at one of the top accredited coaching schools in North America, according to the International Coach Federation (ICF). Highly skilled in helping a variety of clients change the way they look at situations, manage emotions, increase logical thinking and tapping into their intuition to develop new, more effective thought processes and increase positivity and overall satisfaction. Effective at building close-knit relationships and trust with others to create a safe, creative and non-judgmental space. Highly skilled in accountability, asking empowering open-ended questions, challenging beliefs and thoughts and honoring client confidentiality.

• Highly intuitive and non-judgmental
• Superior organization and leadership skills
• Natural talent for coaching, inspiring and motivating
• Effective presentation and communication skills
• Positive and optimistic approach with a patient attitude
• Certified in Coaching & Energy Leadership
• Proficient in Microsoft Office
• Telephonic coaching experience
• Uniquely gifted in both analytical and creativity


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

Telephonic & text coaching services available
Energy Leadership Index Assessment available
I offer two comprehensive and personalized online coaching programs-Law of Being and Energy Leadership Development System. Hard copy materials available for an additional cost.
Short courses or group coaching
In-person group coaching sessions available

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Energy Leadership Index - Master Practitioner (ELI-MP)
  • Certified Professional Coach (CPC)
  • Law of Being Mastermind (Life Purpose Oriented)
  • ELI Advanced Mastery Course
THE COACHABLES, Eden Prairie, MN February 2014 – Present
International coaching business created to serve other budding life coaches as well as everyday people looking to elevate their lives in personal and professional satisfaction

Certified Professional Life Coach/Business Owner
• Completed 141.5 hours of coach training at iPEC (Institute For Professional Excellence in Coaching)
• Exclusive certification with iPEC to administer the Energy LeadershipTM Index Assessment (ELI)
• Completed an additional 12 hours of advanced ELI Mastery Course
• Over 86 hours of telephonic coaching experience plus coaching via texts
• Created a life coaching business start-up toolkit that is utilized in 25 countries worldwide
• Created a thriving online international coaching business using Fiverr
• Designed custom website and created strategic social media plans for 2016
• Developed and designed 3 powerful, self-paced, thought-provoking guides-Leadership, Personal Growth for 2016 and Small Business Customer Growth
• Currently working with local Community Education Centers to teach Adult Enrichment courses in the Spring/Summer/Fall 2016
• Works with clients to engage, motivate and inspire them to overcome challenges and reach their highest potential
• Manually wrote html code to create a custom Facebook tab to sell business toolkit, coaching services and Energy Leadership book
• Created marketing press kit to strengthen brand and increase awareness
• Earned Certification as a Cloverpop Coach and established rapport with 15 clients via Cloverpop, an online coaching service, for six months

Fee description

Fees: to $2500 USD

Please contact me for specifics regarding my fee structure.


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