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Tahira Bharmal

Certified Coach, Writer & Editor 
Burlington, Ontario, Canada
I am Success Coach. I work with you to bring success to any area you are struggling with.
Life coach Empowerment coach

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About me

Hi there! I am Tahira. I have never subscribed to the masses and don't intend to do so anytime soon. I have big ambitions and I intend on accomplishing each and every one of them. While I work towards and achieve them, I make sure I love the life I am living!
By being myself unapologetically, I am not denying myself or the world my uniqueness. And by being true to me, I am giving my best to those around me and in turn to the world.
Marching to your own beat is hard, but totally doable. I have years and years of practice doing it.
My mission is to help people find their inner voice and stand in the strength of it, all while working towards their goals and being true to themselves.
I am all about pushing the envelope; questioning the beliefs I have; breaking the shackles and; continuously learning, all whilst having laser sharp focus on my goals and achieving them!
If you are ready to step into your own and fulfill your ambitions, I AM your creator of possibilities!!
Life is short and we spend way too much time living under guidelines set by others. The one thing I know is that we have one chance at life and we should live it on our own personal terms. When you live life true to yourself, you function better and contribute to the higher good of all. You begin functioning from a space of pure unconditional love and kindness.
Once you embrace this idea, you give the world the unique gift of YOU! We are all created to be ourselves; we all have something specific to offer.
I have seen life end too soon for my dear ones, I have seen my loved ones suffer, because they did not live a life true to them. I have also seen them break the shackles and soar!
I come from a diverse cultural background and have lived in Kenya, South Africa, United Arab Emirates and now Canada. I struggled with my identity and which "path" to follow. I did not want to have this internal struggle, it was weighing me down.
A lot of the messaging and conditioning in my personal life was conflicting and stopping me from embracing me. After suffering a breakdown on my bathroom floor and being terrified, I knew one thing for sure, I did not want my daughter to see that and I wanted her to see me for who I was, achieving my dreams and really having no limits as to what I can do.
I wanted to be the person I know I was meant to be. And so my journey of personal empowerment began and now I want people to live life genuinely and a life they love.
I learnt early that life is short and things change in a blink of an eye; so step up and do the things you want to!
Doing this is easier said than done, I know this first hand as I lived through it! It takes time, dedication and proper guidance to step into your own! I was lucky to have some brilliant coaches along the way that helped and continue to help me gain clarity, break the shackles and live a life of truth and purpose.
Living authentically and a life I love is a work in progress. I am have my tough days, days when it is easier to just give in, but it is on those days I rely on my ground team to keep me in check!
My journey made me come face to face with my limitations and fears! I knew my goals, but did not realize how I was being my own obstacle. Many of my clients have expressed the same realization.
I facilitate and hold a safe, non-judgemental space for my clients; so they can explore the answers within them to reach their specific goals.
We are always in a process of learning and it takes practice and conscious realization to live a life you love.
I understand the fragility of life and don't for a second take that for granted and with that in mind I strive to maintain a balance. Achieving my goals is extremely important to me, but so is living a fulfilled life, a life that feeds my mind, body and spirit!

Coaching with me

I think outside the box! And by doing so I am able to:
1. look beyond the fog, and help people who struggle with clarity, so that they can stop "feeling lost" and start to hone into their goals and achieve them in a manner that is clear and precise.
2. help you personally grow, and start a process of inward inspection.
come up with solutions for people who are ready for change (in any space of their life), and help them stop being stuck and start implementing the change all while being and exploring themselves.
3. help people struggling with "fitting in" or who are tired of living a life not true to themselves; stop getting stuck in the limitation and fears and start living a life they love and is genuine.
I offer all my clients a 30min free introductory call - which allows both the client and myself to know if we are good fit for one another. My coaching sessions last an hour each and are tailored to each client. Depending on the need, the frequency and length of each session is determined. I also work with the client to explore within themselves - as I believe all that we seek lies within us. I offer a safe, objective and non-judgemental environment to all my clients. Each client is provided with a workbook during the course of the coaching relationship in order. I also am available for calls and emails during sessions. My coaching is personalized and not a one fit all solution. I work one on one with my clients, even when offering the programs. I do webinars which cover generic topics, but all coaching is offered one on one. I focus on working with tools and resources on hand to achieve goals.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.

I work one on one with you to achieve your goals. Depending on the goal and the length of time needed to complete it - I offer packages. What you get is:
Bi-weekly/weekly (depending on you) coaching sessions (worked around your schedule)
Clearing of energy blocks using Reiki before coaching begins
Weekly check-ins via email.
Tailored plans/programs to your specific needs (all in keeping your goal in mind)
If you are located or prefer online coaching - I offer that as well. Packages and prices are tailored to fit your needs. What you get is:
Bi-weekly/weekly (depending on you) coaching sessions (worked around your schedule)
Clearing of energy blocks using Reiki before coaching begins
Weekly check-ins via email.
Tailored plans/programs to your specific needs (all in keeping your goal in mind)
Short courses or group coaching
6-8 week programs tailored to targeting specific areas.
1hr sessions every week for the duration of the program.
Follow up one on one coaching sessions, if necessary after the program is completed.
Ongoing training
I offer on-going training/coaching to my clients

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • BA Honors (Cum Laude) in Mass Communication from University of Ottawa
  • Diploma with Distinction in Journalism & News writing from The London School of Journalism
  • Certified Coach Practitioner from Certified Coaches Federation
  • Hypolinguistics from Certified Coaches Federation
I have had jobs in HR, Business Development and Marketing. I am a Creative Superhero (Owner, Writer & Editor) at Slick Chick Magazine. I am a business owner so have experience in all processes included in running a successful business. I have travelled extensively and lived in Kenya, South Africa, United Arab Emirates and Canada. My diversity adds to my experience and how I deal with my clients. I am sensitive to different cultures. I am aware that we all function differently and this adds to my ability as a coach. I am also a mother, so am aware of juggling different roles in one's life. I function from a space of authenticity and work with my clients to achieve the same.

Fee description

Fees: from $125 CAD to $1200 CAD

1 session: $125 +HST

3 hour package: $300 + HST

6 hour package: $600 + HST

12 hour package: $1200 + HST

6 - 8week programs: $650 +HST


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