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Tamara M. Allen

Certified Life & Career Coach 
Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Certified through The Life Coach Training Institute under the accreditation of the (IACC)
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About me

Tamara M. Allen is a motivational speaker (T. Allen Speaks™) who seeks to uplift and empower people to grow and develop into their purpose. As a Certified Life Coach, Author, Motivational Speaker, and Founder of Speaking Out! Media, LLC, she provides individuals, organizations, and communities with creative and practical tools for success in life, career, education, and business. 

With her mantra, “I can, I will, I AM!” at the forefront of her message, Tamara Allen is purpose-driven to positively impact the underrepresented through interactive workshops, seminars, mentorship, and other transformational methods. This includes her nonprofit efforts Re:BRAND Initiative (life coaching) and B.R.I.D.G.E. Innovation Project (module mentorship training program).

The mission of T. Allen Speaks™ is to improve the growth and development of individuals, organizations, and communities through vivid, interactive facilitation, training, teaching, and public speaking. 

The vision is to be a leading public speaker and professional consultant, providing quality services that promote diversity and inclusion, driving the ultimate goal of individual success for a better community.

Tamara M. Allen is certified through The Life Coach Training Institute under the accreditation of the (IACC) International Association of Certified Coaches.

Coaching with me


"How Do You Walk the B.R.I.D.G.E.?"

As individuals, there is not a lot about us yet so much. We are people just trying to make it, trying to find our way. Daily, we are going through transformations physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Now, it is time to B.R.I.D.G.E. from one point in life into another, finally awakening but realizing that we should have taken the blue pill...

I know that it may feel like sometimes we're stuck in the Matrix - plugged in into social media, chained to our workstations, coasting through life, conforming to societal norms, focused on surviving instead of living.  Individual "Neos" waiting for someone to save us, enlighten us to something greater when at times, the answer is quite simple. You.

I am no Morpheus. However, a valuable lesson can be learned from that story.  Its focus was on mind transformation - breaking free of what we have been conditioned or innately assumed to think and feel.  I am not here to necessarily offer you the "truth." However, I am here to offer practical solutions that can positively enhance your life and organization.  With professional services, I am here to aid your advancement. 

I am a self-transformation consulting enterprise, offering educational, business, and leadership solutions. The goal is to help individuals and organizations B.R.I.D.G.E. from one point to another.  

Allow me to help Build Relationships In Directing Growth & Enrichment with you and/or your organization!



I am not a counselor. I am a confidant. I support and inspire people as they work toward lifestyle improvements. This process is about realistic expectations by creating stepping stones for our clients, rather than pushing them toward impractical objectives.


From a life coaching perspective, I honor each client by addressing their issues on an individual basis to determine the proper strategy for their journey. The following is a basic breakdown of how we interact with clients:

  • Assess needs with initial consultation

  • Meet to discuss concerns and goals

  • Develop strategies and approaches for success

  • Maintain confidential record of progress

  • Adjust methods of goal achievement as necessary

My objective is not to offer advice, but through powerful questions and exercises, seek to empower you to tap into your natural intuition and make the best choices. I will help you set goals, and then assist you with constructing an action plan to achieve them. I will challenge you and be a cheerleader. The focus is navigating small, doable action steps tailored to your specific needs.


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In-person or Remote


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Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Bachelor of Arts, English
  • Life Coach Certification
  • Public Speaking
  • Life Coaching
  • Career Coaching


When I was in the 8th grade, I had this quirky yet fun and adventurous science teacher named Mrs. Hornback.  She was tall, lanky with black hair sprinkled with a little gray and a small protruding mole on her nose.  My peers and I were convinced she was a witch - a good one of course.  She was always so animated and filled with one science experiment or story after the next.  Our attention was the best kept in school when she spoke because her vivid words always sent our imaginations on a journey.  One day, she began talking about scientific facts that seemed supernatural.  She told us about an incident when she and her mother were leaving out for the day, and as her mother walked toward the car, her mother fell and broke her hip.  She was injured badly, and Mrs. Hornback said she wasn't sure of what to do.  However, without thinking, she lifted her mother up from the ground and carried her to safety!  As I previously explained, Mrs. Hornback was very thin and appeared frail herself.  How was a woman of her stature able to pick up someone about the same size without a struggle?  That's when I first heard the term "mind over matter."  As humans, when there is a danger or an emergency situation, our minds can focus so strongly on getting away from the problem that we begin to produce additional Adrenaline, helping us to navigate to safety.  In Mrs. Hornback's case, her concern for her mother's health superseded her negative thoughts on her inability to lift extreme weight.  Her mind was able to override her physical ability, thus causing her to produce more of the chemical Adrenaline, extending the human body beyond its typical limits.

There are many obstacles that we face in life that cause us to doubt our ability to go beyond set limits - whether personal or societal.  People have told us we can't.  We have even told ourselves that we can't. However, we fail to realize that in believing that we "can't,” we are putting the concept of "mind over matter" to great use.  There are people who continually exist within the realm of negation (can't, ain't, not, no, don't, won't, etc.).  It doesn't always have to be verbalize but internalized (thought), and in that, the mind makes it reality.  Sadly, when we think in negation, we place limits on ourselves and outlooks on life.  Our negative thinking isn't just what affects us as individuals but can adversely affect those around us.  

Conversely, I am here to offer some hope by helping you to B.R.I.D.G.E. your mind.

Is it not true that Newton's Third Law paraphrases that "for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction?” So…for every negative, there is a positive.  That statement right there just makes me excitedly happy! It is the understanding that if one thing exists, its opposite has to exist, otherwise we wouldn't be conscious of either. Now, I don't want to get too philosophical with this post because my aim is to inspire, motivate, and positively transform the mind.  So what's the moral?

It is imperative to keep an optimistic perspective when dealing with life.  In all that we do, we have a choice of how we process and deal with anything we encounter - the good and the bad.  It's Mind Over Matter.  However you think it is, it will be.  For those of you who live in "negation," it is time to change the dynamics of your thinking.  We must remove fear and doubt, and begin to view life from the perspective of gratitude.  Keep in mind that there are some things we can change and things we cannot, but how we THINK about situations is all that MATTERS.  

So, let's toast to the cliche that many of us have heard all of our lives and use its power for good.  By changing the dynamics of our thinking into positivity, we can overcome anything.  Remember, it's mind over matter.

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Fees: from $50 USD to $6000 USD

A la carte services start at $50 up to $6,000 for continual coaching.


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