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Teresa Ann Foxworthy

Navigating Male-Female Dynamics 
San Francisco, California, United States
Executive Dating Coach offers Relationship Advice to Single Professionals

About me


For 15+ years, I've had the honor of coaching Senior Executives at Fortune 100 companies, to assist them with their personal and professional goals. Most often, they want to discuss their relationship goals, finding they have invested far more time and effort in their careers, and have little personal satisfaction at home, whether single or married. The key is understanding how to gracefully navigate male-female dynamics.

I provide support and instruction for busy executives who want deeply fulfilling personal lives, to balance lives absorbed more by work than meaningful relationships. For singles, I coach on topics which prepare them to meet their mate and build an ecstatic life together. For married professionals, I address whatever issue is at the forefront of their mind. Often women are wanting or needing to deepen their feminine essence, while men need to focus on evolving the masculine presence.

With a 98% success rate, I emphasize personal growth. Preparation for Dating, Online Dating, Ascertaining Compatibility, Healing Wounds, Navigating Male-Female Dynamics, Relationship as Spiritual Practice, Reclaiming the Feminine, Evolving the Masculine, via phone coaching, Skype, webinars, & retreats. I love what I do, helping others stay heart-centered. Everyone who got married working with me is still married!

Coaching with me

Whether you've been single for years or married for years, I have a program which I will tailor to your specific goals. My single clients are usually married within year. Couples are usually renewing their vows within that same amount of time. I get results for my clients when they follow my programs because I gently but persistently help them resolve the dilemmas, overcome fears, broach topics, and commit to solutions which they could not do on their own. But more importantly, my programs work because I am both Coach & Counselor. I address both mind and heart, health and well-being, logistics & longings.

Some clients want to focus are pragmatic & tangible goals, like online dating, or getting married, or renewing vows. Other clients want more ineffable milestones, like finding their soul mate, deepening the quality of their Love Life, or feeling in Love again! Whatever your goal, I've got the program. It's a holistic approach, with an emphasis on personal transformation which yields the best results. So, first we identify the goals & clarify how much time you have to devote to this process. I encourage clients to spend a half-hour before and after our sessions to meditate, in order to get the most out of our time together.

"With the power of Love, anything is possible."
Warm-hearted, laser focused, weekly sessions develop a sense of trust so we may dissolve the blocks to your ecstatic love life. Using a variety of modalities, all client-centered, I'm able to quickly get the desired results, using a matrix of right- and left-brain methods, to assure lasting results. Together, we connect the dots of your Vision of Love ~ Body, Mind, Heart & Soul!

Preparation for Dating, Dating for Marriage, Honoring the Feminine, Evolving the Masculine, Emotional Intimacy, Dating Your Mate, Relationship as Spiritual Practice, Sacred Vows, each client completes a preliminary questionnaire to quickly identify past patterns, present challenges, and future goals. My approach is holistic, integrated, and infinitely empowering.

Using the principles found studying universal laws of personal growth and self-improvement, one quickly finds that milestones are reached, week-after-week, and it is truly thrilling to live such a dynamic life with one's soul mate or twin flame. Waking up to one's personal potential as a human being is most up-lifting. Consciously co-creating a Life with one's mate is a Dream Come True!


Coaching via Phone, Skype or In-Person, depending on my itinerary
Sessions are usually one or more hours per week
1-4 day intensives are available, 6 hours per day, maximum
Call: 415.289.2213 for complimentary, 20-minute session to get acquainted

Coaching via Phone, Skype or Email
Sessions are usually one or more hours per week
1-4 day intensives are available, 6 hours per day, maximum
Short courses or group coaching
Upcoming webinars & video courses
Coaching via Phone, Skype or In-Person, depending on my itinerary
Teleconferences or home study classes available
Courses are usually 2 hours, 5 weeks, or 6 months
2-7 day retreats are available
Ongoing training
Custom programs are available
Courses available with combination of private, online, and group coaching
Most packages are renewable, 12-week modules with weekly calls

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Certified in French Language & Culture
  • Bachelor\\\\\\\'s of Arts in Liberal & Expressive Arts
  • Certified in Video & Multi-Media Communications
  • Today, I craft trainings for other coach\\\\\\\'s as well as clients.
  • Steady steam of clients consistently postponed any idea of attending trainings.
  • I began coaching people before there were coach\\\\\\\'s trainings.
Accolades ~

“You confronted my issues & I’m so much stronger now.”
MB, Publicist, Proctor & Gamble, Ohio

“Well, it was hard to change me. Though it took 3 years, I’m now happily married.”
JN, CPA, Smith Barney, Manhattan

“Teresa, you did the work that 8 psychiatrists and marriage counselors failed to do for 8 years. Men need this work.”
WS, VP Marketing, Hewlett-Packard, Palo Alto

“Teresa is a delightful speaker, which is why I keep inviting her to keynote for our largest annual convention!”
RG, Society for Single Professionals, San Rafael

“I married my true soul mate.”
PS, Sr. Executive, Credit Suisse, Zurich

“In 9 months, I’m married! Could never have done this without you.”
SH, Psychiatrist, Napa

“Married within a year!”
SQ, Principal, Seattle

“Teresa saved my life. I finally found a person help me release 30 years of pent up emotions."
CR, Masseuse, Los Angeles

Fee description

Fees: from $75 USD to $7500 USD

Low Income: $75/hr
Standard Rate: $150/hr;
Coaching Programs: $100/hr (12-hr min.)
Day-long Intensive: $1200 (6-hr max.)
Speaking Engagements: $300/hr (travel expenses required; 6 hrs/day max)
Retreats or Week-long Intensives: $7500


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