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Tap Into Your Potential and Overcome Any Obstacle Standing Between You and What You Truly Desire.

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FEES from $1000 USD to $2000 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

Hi, I'm Florina.  I work with my clients to help them discover their true purpose and work with them to realise how they want to move forward with focus and confidence..

​I am friendly, easy going, and I love people. I am geeky and love reading books, surfing and exploring outside. 

I spent my early career as a volunteere, i spend time teaching teenagears English and other curicullum.

Ive been working for 5 years as a life coach,and recentlly got acredited last year as a Nlp practionere allso.

I am a professional communicator, and a life coach. I'm based in England and I work with people from all around the world,  who are looking to discover their calling in life, do something they truly love and create more balance in their daily routines. I help people recognise their passions, gifts and strengths, and then I work with my clients to identify and release blocks and fears which are holding them back. I especially love seeing the confidence in my clients building; enabling them think clearly with purpose and begin creating a brighter and more fulfilling future for themselves. 

I want to know what really getts you up at night.

Coaching with me


Most of my clients come to me because they want to have more confidence in work, they want to improve a relationship or they want to be happier and more at peace.

What we find, however, is that there is so much more under the surface! As we begin working on the mindset and doing 'inner work' in one area, all the other areas begin to shift!

My clients have been able to not only gain confidence and excel in work, but they've also been able to be better and more playful parents, more cheerful and loving partners, they've transformed their physical health, gotten out of a rut, have started their own businesses and created incredible community projects.

Some of my clients have come to me simply for coaching related to spritual . However, as they can tell you, this ended up being so much more! As we begin to clear out the blocks that are keeping them from sticking fulllfilment in theyre lifes, we're also clearing out the blocks that affect all the other areas of life when it comes to commitment & accountability.

Results are astonishing and 100% of the credit goes to my clients. As I tell them from the start, as much as I would love to tell you that I can completely transform your life, I can’t!

I provide you with incredible insights and techniques, help you understand what is standing in the way of your desires, and serve as a mirror who shows clearly what's going on with you. However, it all comes down to how committed you are to your own transformation. I provide you with the tools, guidance, and practices to help you get what you want. I support you.

However, my clients are the ones who have to do the work, and I can confidently say that they have done INCREDIBLE work and have had incredible breakthroughs. It's all teamwork.


While I work with some traditional techniques and practices that are rooted in psychology, I look at life, and all 'problems,' from a bigger point of view. By combining psychology and spirituality + energetics and intuition, my work goes beyond just standard, regular coaching.

Rather than just working on your mind and the subconscious, we tap into energetic work, your shadow, and work on expanding your mind and consciousness. We truly are covering ALL things that make you up and begin to create a shift, not just mentally but also energetically.

Additionally, if a client is interested in law of attraction and manifestation coaching, we incorporate that as well. I see clients naturally gravitate towards this work as we begin talking about energy.



Individual Coaching Packages include either two (6) 45-minute sessions or  (10) 45-minutes sessions per month.All coaching is done virtually via phone, email or Skype from the comfort of your home or office.


All coaching is done online. Through the phone, Skype, or Face-time. If you select a package and want to work with me over a period of time, during the week you will also have access to me through email for any support!

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Life Coach
  • Nlp
  • Theta Healing Basic DNA

Spirituality and psychology have been a massive love of mine for the last 5 years. Thousands of hours have gone into studying, learning, understanding, and applying all the incredible tools, teaching, and insights that I’ve learned from some of the most respected  thought leaders, and masters. Countless seminars, talks, certification programs, and studies later, I decided to finally become a certified life coach!

Fee description

Fees: from $1000 USD to $2000 USD

Fees: from 300$ USD to $500 USD

Individual coaching sessions:  $100/session offered in packages of 3x/month ,6x/month or 12/months.

10% discount with a 12-month package paid in full.


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