lifecoach $1500 USD Trace Zen Trace Zen Coaching is a creative partnership. That means that you and I link and take this trip called life.
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Trace Zen

Phoenix, Arizona, United States

Coaching is a creative partnership. That means that you and I link and take this trip called life.

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About me

I am a lover of life, beauty and self empowerment who overcame the constraints at a young age and went on to hold corporate leadership positions before the age 30 as a single mother of three.  Despite the active discouragements, I did what it took to go after what I wanted, and kept my femininity in the process.
 I have raised three happy and highly successful children by seeing their inner beauty, allowing them to show who they are, and encouraging their unfoldment into their destiny.
 During this journey I discovered who I am and why I’m take my power and help my soul sisters to take theirs in a way that is loving for them and those they are here to serve. Just as my journey into corporate leadership had often seemed supported by an unseen power, so has my unfoldment into my role as a life energy coach.
 I discovered that life always supports our deepest desires, and ever more so as we discover our true nature and commit to living our unique and magnificent life purpose. Indeed, that alignment with one’s purpose is the key to moving powerfully through life and transcending whatever ceilings we had previously imagined had been there.
 As a life energy coach, I help those who yearn to love their life, free from fear and the restrictions of others. I have been blessed by miracles as I have committed to my path, including the ability to flow the highest frequencies of love and light when I coach privately or in group sessions, in person or remotely.
If you yearn to live powerfully, purposely and prosperously, I can help you. I have been transformed and aligned with my purpose, and will be honored to help you align with yours.


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Fees: from $30 USD to $1500 USD


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