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Coach Tracey Forde
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Tracey Forde

Life Coach for Black Women 
California, Maryland, United States

Mindset Mastery - Confidence - Trauma - Empowerment Coach for Black women 

About me



Deep down, I feel that we are all the same. WE ARE SISTERS!

The trauma started early and at home. My father was absent from my life, and it left an emotional void that I filled with bad relationships with emotionally unavailable men.

My mother was a wonderful mother & provider, yet she didn’t know how to nurture me.

I’ve struggled with low self-esteem yet overcame it and now live life according to my terms. I no longer wait for people’s consent to do what is best for me. I seek permission from myself.

I believe these characteristics, among many others, define me as bold and courageous. It is what I wish to inspire in all Black women.

As a mother of two beautiful daughters, I have been able to repurpose the hurt and pain from my past into lessons of love, nurture, and togetherness. I now share this with my adult daughters, and they, too, have flourished into dynamic women who live their lives boldly. This growth is a big part of the legacy of healing and self-love I wish to leave behind.

As a bold and courageous Black woman, I want you to know that you can also thrive with the right support and in a nurturing environment.

I have a strong desire to empower beautiful women like yourself and I strive to help you become braver, set healthy boundaries, stop the self-sabotage and walk with you, hand in hand on your journey.

I’m here to empower you to be a woman filled with positivity, self-acceptance, self-confidence, and self-love.


Coaching with me


  • Healing and releasing the fears, stories and limiting beliefs that have been blocking you!

  • Clarity in those areas of your life where you feel overwhelmed, confused and stuck.

  • Authentic, lasting happiness - not the kind that you search, seek and strive for - but that feeling of wholeness, joy and contentment that comes from within.

  • A loving and empowering relationship with self by learning positive self-talk and creating a tool-kit of self-love & self-care rituals & practices that are supportive, nourishing, and fill you up from within.

  • Healing the root cause of your self-sabotage, procrastination and resistance patterns.

  • Slowing down and living with more presence, ease, grace and mindfulness.

  • Releasing pains and wounds from your childhood or past experiences in relationships that are keeping you small and stuck.

  • Embodying your authentic self by truly getting to know who you are, what you love and value and what lights you up.

  • Implementing manifestation practices to intentionally design a life you love.

  • Taking intentional actions steps that will start getting you moving forward in living out the life you desire & deserve.


My coaching style is fun, curious, direct, animated, accessible, calm, sharp, warm, light, surprising, connected, dynamic, provocative and confrontational, but always with love and a smile.

We start the coaching relationship with a discovery call to make sure we're a good fit.  Once we know that we 'click', we co-create the strategy that's best for you by getting to the bottom of your desire for change and uncovering what is getting in the way.

However, the results you gain will be reflective of the you taking action on the the insights you learn because change can only happen when you actually implement & maintain them AFTER the coaching sessions.

It takes conviction, courage & commitment to yourself to make  and act on your choices to live your best life & be the woman God pre-destined you to be.  

My ultimate goal as your coach is to ensure you are acknowledged, understood, seen, heard & empowered.



The Audacity to BE ME! 1:1 coaching program is designed to support you as you master yourr mindset to get clarity on who you are, your values & yourr needs & wants as you heal from trauma.

The end result and impact of that is you learn to confidently embrace & accept your authentic self, identify or reignite your purpose & fearleslly reclaim your worth to create the life you want & deserve unapologetically!

It is a 6-12 month commitment and is quite intensive as we hone in on your healing & self-discovery journey from the inside out while co-creating & implementing a strategic plan of action that is focused on empowering you and the mindset needed to make it sustainable.

Through this process of constructive self-reflection and realistic goal-setting, you will have breakthroughs that will increase the range of choices you have, broaden and clarify your perspectives, reinforce your self-concept, and move you to take meaningful action.


All coaching is currently being offered online.  A secure and private link will be provided and the seesion will take place via ZOOM.

Short courses or group coaching

The BEcoming ME! Accountability Group (BMAG) coaching program is an intimate setting with peers that is focused on healing, goal setting, deepening your awareness around specific areas, doing the work, and holding you accountable. 


The key benefits of  BMAG are:

  • You get to interact with & share the experiences of your peers which provides you with different perspectives.

  • You have more time to reflect & integrate your insights when you’re not ‘on the spot”.

  • You receive a great deal of support and encouragement from your peers which inspires you to reach your desired goal(s).

  • You will be in a safe space to be vulnerable, transparent, inspired & supported.

It is a 12- week program and includes:

  • Weekly 1-hour group coaching calls.

  • Weekly 15 minute 1:1 calls.

  • Daily & Weekly Action Steps, Exercises & Assignments.

  • Unlimited Text Support via Voxer.

  • Unlimited Email Support.

  • Weekly LIVE mini sessions on various topics, i.e., negative thinking tools, goal setting, etc.

  • Private Facebook Group for more interaction with group participants & support.

Ongoing training

I encourage my clients to join my private Facebook Group, Unapologetically ME!, to be in a safe, judgment free community of women who look like them and are like-minded to continue their healing & self-discovery journey.

Inside the group, I provide weekly training, journaling prompts, special speakers, mindfulness practices, and more to hold space for & pour into the group members.  

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • BS, Humans Services & Psychology
  • Emotional Intelligence Life Coach
  • Forgiveness Life Coach
  • EFT Practicioner
  • Trauma Informed Care

Fee description

Fees: from $100 USD to $6000 USD

My fees are based on the offering selected and the needs of the client.  Hence, fees are determined on a case-by-case basis.


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