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Traci Perry

Irving, Texas, United States
Caring, candid, capable and compassionate, results-oriented personal and executive life coach

About me

Traci has been a personal/professional life coach for a number of years and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has provided care for individuals, couples, families and groups since 1999. She has a successful private practice in Irving and Arlington, TX. She has extensive experience working in the healthcare, mental health and hospice fields. She has served as an assistant and adjunct professor for the University of Texas at Arlington and Texas A&M University-Commerce. As a professor, she often speaks at local and national conferences. Traci has also facilitated corporate wellness seminars. She has expertise in executive management, strategic planning and in providing human resource consultations.

Coaching with me

Traci’s approach is to start where each client is in his/her life. She compassionately listens and helps clients gain insight and develop the tools needed to cope with life’s challenges and difficulties. Traci recognizes that every client is different and every client’s needs are different. Life coaching client relationships begin with an assessment to help identify problems, strengths and weaknesses that clients might have. Traci’s method is to help clients face their problems head-on. She provides guidance, helps them gain insight and helps them develop the skills and tools needed to deal with life’s challenges.


Generally speaking, I work to take an active and hands-on approach to working with you in key areas of your life:
1. Personal which includes relationships, family and/or finances; and
2. Professional which includes career, entrepreneurship and educational goals and aspirations.
Short courses or group coaching
I provide short 8-10 week small group coaching and life labs that are hands-on and allow individuals to work on issues related to relationships, marriage, assertive communication and goal-setting.
Ongoing training
I facilitate wellness/corporate seminars and provide human resource consultations and motivational speaking engagements on various topics related to business and law.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Fee description

Fees: from $90 USD to $500 USD

Individual sessions are 30-60 minutes in length. Workshops and small group session costs vary depending on the topics discussed, life labs and workshop booklets and materials that may be included. Call to discuss rates for the various options available. Installment plans are available.


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